A Camping The Raiders Will Go

brien dixonContributor IJuly 23, 2009

Napa is rapidly approaching and much anticipation for the upcoming football season. After a rather interesting draft, football lovers were dragged through a garbage NBA finals and a very lackluster MLB all star game. If there is a most high or god, thank you for getting us through this. Like most people I was bored out of my mind counting down the days when football season is in true effect.

Football captivates the entire country's attention unlike any of the major sports. Whether its youth football practices, big time high school prep games, emotional collegiate battles or mega billion dollar games played on Sunday we are guaranteed excitement and entertainment on our weekends.

The Oakland Raider franchise has had an unusual buzz around its team headquarters since beating the Buccaneers to end the 2008 season. Many writers underestimate the significance of that win and still hold their grudges against the Raiders predicting another multiple loss season in 2009.

It is obvious the members of the media can't move on past their hatred as the organization put a final nail in the Jon Gruden coffin to rid themselves of that bad taste that has lingered on since February 2003.

Very confusing how some would doubt any positive momentum continuing this season when people are always encouraged to finish strong. Its cool though. I understand the only way to retaliate is with success and that has to be priority number one for Tom Cable and company.

Over the next six weeks or so, debates will rage on as to what Oakland will do to have a competent personnel to win games. Injuries are real, as we saw last August, and team chemistry questions will be in abundance for offense and defense.

Is Jamarcus Russell doing everything in his power to lead this franchise well into the next decade? Can Darren McFadden and Michael Bush create mismatch hell for opposing defenses? Are the young receivers ready to take on the role of starters verses coming off of the bench? Has the O-line improved or is it more of the same? Will Cable show his ability to call plays that lead to more points?

How good is John Marshall's defense? Does Al intervene at some point? Can Dwaine Board get more of the defensive line? Are the Raider linebackers ready to not be just great cover guys? Where does Huff fit in with the secondary?

Will these guys be ready when San Diego comes to town?

The future is now and this team can't wait until next year to be good. It is almost now or never. The people who fill these various sports bars and go to games desperately need to smile come Sunday night so the rest of the work week won't be too unbearable.

Whether the wins come or not, I'm just glad football will be back in full swing in less than a week. Let the fun begin!