Angelo Cataldii Gets on My Nerves? My Reasons (eagles)

alberto torresContributor IJuly 23, 2009

I listen to 610 WIP in the morning as i live in South Jersey and am able to listen to it on my way to work, well usually around 7 almost 8 Angelo C. is on the Air talking mostly sports like Phillies, Eagles, etc. and what really bothered me is that he feels like our Revamped offense wont mesh and wont be effective to get to the point we need to get to  (i.e) Superbowl.

He has said that and it urked me because it's not like we have an inexperienced offensive line, for crying out loud we got 2 Probowl O-linemen in Peters and (shawn) Andrews which i might add know each other and have played together in the past as with Stacy andrews the other Andrews, These guys have talent they have NFL experience we still got Nick Cole and Jamaal Jackson as well as Todd Herremans that know the System how can you not learn to gel with people with that type of Experience.

His most concern is with Peters because he allow 11 sacks the last year, well lets see part of it has to do with the contract he didnt get but also it has to do with the line he is playing with and the QB your going to tell me if the Defense can read the play they wont be able to overcome a LT like Peters yeah they can because they can read the QB so the defense has time to shift and make the play.. Im not worried at all. This year for once in such a long time our Offense is stronger than our D seriously.

RB(WestbrooK) will be fine as well. The D will mesh the O will mesh and we will be fine as long as we avoid injury we are good.

I dont dislike Angelo C. its just that he blows the situation way out of proportion i can understand if it is rookie LT and RT or if the line consisted of all rookies but these guys have experience and are great its a Big Wall in philly tough to defend against seriously.

In closing it just seems he doubts the eagles ability when it matters the most, im not speaking for him i speak out of opinion which i know i have and the eagles will do fine...

12-4 just relax dont doubt to much doubting...