An Awnser To Daniel Shanks Article. Hope This Helps.

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2009

BOREAL, CA - JANUARY 31:  Steven Fisher of the USA competes during the finals of the halfpipe, during day 2 of the U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix at Boreal Resort on January 31, 2009 in Boreal, California. Fisher finished in first place.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

I was just going to write a post on Mr. Daniel Shanks article, but the post turned into a long,long, long response, so I"ll published it: GO TO PAGE 2

Daniel at least they did not delete you, I'm sad that this happened to you, specially when you are a real writer, I just pretend to

I know there is lots of things going on here.

I have been just about thrown out with the bath water.

The articles I was writing were doing 300+ avg. reads in the NASCAR site, I was making progress on my writing,

Had over 30 favorite articles of the day.

Had an article with over 4300 hits and was in the front page for most reads against the NFL (that was the old format).

No one in the NASCAR page has ever had that many hits, the most I've ever seen was about 2500 ( please someone correct me if I'm wrong, I only checked the top ten).

All this got me to a point where I unfortunally had to make an enemy or two by writing an article about the social network of the bleacher report.

Where there is really no measuring stick, getting the most hits has no pull on the B/R pecking order,

At times I feel like I’m in a fraternity or trying to pledge for one.

There was an unintended job application or test we all have been doing this year, I never applied for anything, did you?

I simply joined a place, advertised to me as an open source where anyone, if they fallowed some rules, could write and have some fun.

That simple, I thought!

I seen no advertisement for Journalist? Did you? maybe I missed it.

There was a ranking system based on ????, to this day I don't get it. .

I think you are absolutely right Daniel, they are shopping NASCAR content and the want the informative articles up front.

Please don’t anyone on NASCAR site take this personal, you know I’m going to tell it from my hart, there is no hypocrisy in me.

The reason you are seeing so many so called fluff pieces upfront is because (I assume) they are looking for worthy copy for main stream media.

You know like, Jeff Gordon helped an old lady's cat out the tree, or look how nice X drivers wife is, and how she is involved with charities etc.and who came in first and who came in second.

You all know what I’m talking about.

Many of the main stream media are cutting back cost, I’ve been told by a well known newspaper man in a major city, that sooner rather than later, much of the content from the main stream media will be independent copy.

I was embarrassed to ask what that really means, but I would assume, it meant from sites just like B/R or others similar.

That should create great opportunities for good writers.

So Daniel, things could not be better for folks like you,

This web site has to cost the owners of B/R lots of money , with little revenue, I don’t see many advertisers on the site.

I would assume they all come from rich backgrounds, don’t see how else anyone gets the money for this big of a website.

I’ve been trying to design a business plan for a site where I hope to invite 10 writers I’ve been reading in blogs the last 2 years (all with an edge like asif) and the cost to do a website right and professional looking is crazy.

So I can’t really blame them for doing whatever business decision they need to make, the bottom line is B/R has to make money .

We all most understand that.

Having said that , the part that really sucks is that B/R had no explanation for all of us who took the cut.

I understand we don’t have one dollar invested here, but we do have our free time invested .

At the very least, the owners could of wrote an article about the changes.

Was that too much to ask?

In all I have learn a ton from many folks here, I look at the edits as an education.

I was a bit angry at first, but I did not take it personal, I know I got the right content, and angles that folks would read, I just need to work on the delivery, I’m all over that. lol

Daniel I’m sure you know there are a million sites out there, I got content all over the web, if I had time I be in more places.

Heck, I found lots of my articles from other sites somewhere in an English site in Amsterdam, Holland, I’m famous there…lol…lol

Point is my friend, there is lots of opportunity out there, don’t let this get to you.

I see a lot of anger in your article , it most of really hurt you feelings, I know you probably don’t read my articles, but I think most folks here can say I’m sincere in my sentiments , I’m very sorry dear friend this happened to you.

I wish you the best of luck.








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