Season Finale Is a Huge Success: All Final Players Deserve NFL Shot

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2009

CINCINNATI - 2007:  Jesse Holley of the Cincinnati Bengals poses for his 2007 NFL headshot at photo day in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Getty Images)

There seldom comes a time where a show sweeps the nation. American Idol is a prime example however of how a craze can produce stars. The show fourth and long was kinda like that except the common man wasn't some Clay Aiken no one could give three pennies about, it was about men who had their dream taken away by circumstances other than their own wrong doing.

This show I believe is the best thing to come out since the contender or UFC's ultimate fighter. Same set up except the winner gets an NFL contract with the Cowboys. In the finale there were 4 contestants left and I believe that all four and Montrell Jones could most certainly at least make a practice squad anywhere.

I'd like to start with the man I thought had no shot and kept proving me wrong time and again, Andrew Hawkins. Hawk as he was come to be known on the show is roughly 5'7", 175. The man plays like he's 6'7 240. He did all he was asked to do, excelled in every drill and even coach Avezanno said he would make the team before anyone if he wasn't 5'7". Id like to be on record as saying after doubting him myself Hawk is the next Dante Hall for some lucky NFL franchise other than the Cowboys.

Eddie Moten was another finalist, in my personal opinion the worst of the four. However he is still the caliber of player that would be an all star in the CFL. His attitude can sometimes put him in the tank, but his special teams abilities and corner skills can make him at least a pratice squadder. Moten, an ex-AFL player might want to think about rejoining that league in 2010.

Another finalist that fell just shy of the prize was Ahmad Smith. Ahmad was another player that I thought was trash at first but gained my respect as the show went on. Dominique Rodgers-Cromarties back up at Tennessee State is indeed worthy in my eyes of being an NFL safety or nickel corner. Here is another man who did all that he was told and then some. He has a good natural ability to press and at 6'0" size is comparable to other safety's in the league. Ahmad Smith like Montrell Jones is a player I would not mind the Dolphins giving a look with training camps looming on the horizon. The Dolphins have had corner problems since we let go of Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison in the early part of the 2000's and Ahmad's wants it attitude could even let him play on our team.

Finally there is Jesse Holley, the preverbial champion. Jesse at 6'3", 205 has the right good given talent needed to be a good receiver for his team the Dallas Cowboys. I'd like to say that if Hawkins were Holley's size I believe he would be out there but since he isn't and holley gave just as much effort here we are. The man definitly deserves to be a Cowboy after what I thought was one of the craziest football camps ever recorded

I believe Holley can step in and be a five right off the bat. I feel he is better than Sam Hurd and Miles Austin and he wants it more. He catches just about everything and his athleticism makes him a legitimate threat. He was a North Carolina Tar Heel after all, and lets just say they've been a basketball powerhouse for a while and one of their only walk ons was the great Michael Jordan. All in all what a fair and great competition.

I truly hope this was season one of many!!!

All the players in the finale and Montrell Jones should find themselves somewhere in the NFL. If they don't I'd be utterly shocked. If the NFL teams don't come a knockin then all of these players could very well be CFL All Americans that would work they're way back in.


This show was definitely one of the best things that happened in 2009!