Ken's Rants: This Stuff Is Stupid, Part 1

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IMay 9, 2008

    Normally I'm not the griping and complaining type, at least in my articles, but I felt this time it might be warranted. In a Dallas Morning News article before Game 1 I found the usual articles one would expect for the series preview, but some things jumped out at me. Rather than E-mail Tim Cowlishaw, an idiot, I will respect him and his judgement and leave my gripes to Bleacher Report. In all truth he does currently hold the job I one day aspire to be, so I should show him some respect.

    Rant #1: Stars vs. Red Wings visual break downs of sections by team.

         The Stars only received goaltending and special teams, while offense, defense and coaching go to Detroit. I am not complaining for the Stars, but rather against. Can someone really say Turco deserves this mark when he is facing the vastly superior (with lots of playoff and winning experience) Chris Osgood? I'm sorry DMN, but you're wrong. The goaltending edge goes to Osgood and Detroit.

    Rant # 2:  Every Dallas Morning News sports writer picking Detroit to win the Series.

        Okay, I can see this as a good choice (these were made before game 1) but you're DALLAS MEDIA! I'm sorry, but even at the cost of looking like an idiot you should have at least one writer pick the team. It shows little to no faith by the writing staff to not select the home town team. Swallow your pride and pick the home town team, even if it means being wrong. To devoted fans regardless of being right you look like a fool with an ego.

    Rant #3: Constant chatter in the media about Dallas' series record against Detroit in the regular season.

        Yes, the Stars lost 3 of 4 games, but playoff hockey to these writers (and anyone who knows hockey) is vastly different than the regular season. I'm tired of hearing about it now, and I was even before Game 1. Yes it gives the reader an idea, but stop beating a dead horse! Turco's record is terrible...who cares?! It's playoff hockey folks, everything changes now. Dallas must win 4 of 7 games. It is certainly possible or they would not be in the Western Conference Finals, so stop tossing out useless stats all the time and making them into hard facts.

    Rant #4: 6 out of possible 7 games for each Conference Finals games are on Versus.

        Does anyone actually have this damn channel? I know of one friend who has it, while everyone else I know from Bleacher Report and personal life complains of not having this channel. For one, The NHL should be ashamed of not getting more games on NBC! I want to be able to watch my games like a real fan, but the business of hockey has begun to get in the way of everything else. I'm tired of it, I should be able to watch my team like a fan is supposed to. Nope, instead of a thrilling Stanley Cup game we have...GOLF! Holy crap I'd rather take a nap, which I will probably do! It's no wonder the NHL can't draw in new fans, it is close to losing the ones it already has.