Never a Break For Carlos Tevez

Laky MohanContributor IJuly 22, 2009

Carlos Tevez has just left Premier League champions Manchester United for the richer confines of neighbours Manchester City. He made clear that he didn't enjoy being constantly left out of the starting eleven by Sir Alex and moved to City to further his career. However, did Tevez just resign himself to the same situation, just in a different half of Manchester?

The signing of Emmanuel Adebayor further crowds the already overflowing City front-line. Adebayor, Tevez, and Roque Santa Cruz scored 19 goals in the Premier League last season. These additions augment a team who was already fifth in goals in the league, behind only the Big Four. The talent pool for the Sky Blues is so deep that they refused to negotiate a contract increase with talented youngster Daniel Sturridge and allowed him to leave for Chelsea.

The burden now falls on Mark Hughes to create a dream strike force, while leaving out players who expect first team football. Popular speculation involves selecting three or even four strikers to allow more of the players to start at once, but is that really the best idea for City?

City showed last year that they had no problems scoring goals, but had more than a few trying to keep them out. While the attacking triumvirate of Robinho-Adebayor-Tevez is mouthwatering, it makes the side even more vulnerable at the back. It also breaks apart the midfield combination of De Jong and Kompany who provided a steadying defensive influence when played together. At least one, or possible even both, would have to be sacrificed in the proposed 4-3-3.

So where does this leave Carlos Tevez? Ultimately he may have signed his own death warrant with his performances for the Red Devils last season. He played the role of super-sub to perfection and brought United back into games they had no business winning. What will stop Mark Hughes from following in Ferguson's footsteps and continuing to keep the Argentinian on the bench?

If City play the 4-4-2, Tevez will start on the bench behind Robinho and Adebayor. If City play Jose Mourinho's defensive 4-3-3 (or 4-5-1, depending on how you see it) then Tevez starts on the bench with Robinho and Ireland as wide players and Adebayor through the centre. Either way, it is a lose-lose scenario for Carlos Tevez.

Only time will tell, but it is very possible that Tevez will be in the same position he was in this year, albeit with a different Manchester squad. Would he request a move again? And in a greater problem for the forward, could he crack the starting eleven of any major European power?

His bulldog style which rightfully endears itself so well to fans and makes him one of the world's best players may just be the thing that holds him back from being a true great. Europe's elite simply have no space for such a striker in their first choice eleven. Liverpool is the only club that comes to mind that could use Tevez in a partnership with Fernando Torres. However, that theory will likely never become a reality.

For now, it looks like there's absolutely no luck for Tevez.