Should Chauncey Billups Sit Game Four?

Eric YarmolukCorrespondent IMay 9, 2008

You are up 2-1 against a weaker Orlando team, with an injured Chauncey Billups. Do you sit him and lose a major against Orlando, or rest him for Game Five?

I say you sit him. Yes, you lose probably a good 18-point performance, but the Pistons can still beat the weaker Orlando team without it. Chauncey is not their only threat.

Tayshaun has been dominating in the playoffs, shooting lights out at 60 percent. Wallace and Maxiell have been doing a great job weakening Howard's performance, lowering his averages, and Rip is finaly getting his touch back, scoring 24 in the Game-Three loss.

Yes, they got blown out in Game Three, but it is not because of Chauncey's injury. The Pistons were not shooting the ball well at all. Tayshaun and Rip led the way with 46 points between them. Stuckey had the stroke as well, hitting for 19 and filling in a great role for the injured Billups.

But when you have a scoreless Antonio McDyess and Jason Maxiell, and only two points from Billups before getting hurt, you're gonna get blown out of the arena. Not to mention that they did not guard Rashard Lewis at all, while he easily scored 33 points, and hit five three-pointers with ease.

But, you are in Orlando, and up in the series 2-1. Rodney Stuckey is not as talented, and cannot take over a game like Billups, but has a confident shot and can drive the ball, creating fouls along the way. He will be a great fill-in if Chauncey sits, and should bring around a 15-point performance with him.

In Game Four, expect Rasheed, Rip, and Tayshaun to all step it up again. Maxiell and Wallace will play harder defense on Howard, much like they did in Game One, shutting him down. Also, expect them to really get in Lewis' face.

So, Flip, sit Chauncey, let him rest for the weekend. Rodney is a good enough player, and can provide enough spark for the Pistons to get the win.

If you lose, you still have the upper hand. The series is tied, but you're going back to Detroit, with a rested and healthy Chauncey Billups.

If you win, you put them away in Game Five on your home court, and most likely will face the Celtics in the conference finals.