Cutler Better Than Elway? Stop Pulling My Leg

Mike MContributor IJuly 22, 2009

LAKE FOREST, IL - MAY 20: Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears participates during an organized team activity (OTA) practice on May 20, 2009 at Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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Reading through the various articles posted here you will find articles about Jay Cutler trade. 

Many of the articles from Chicago Bears fans are pro-Cutler and usually wish Kyle Orton well. Denver fans usually show bitterness toward Cutler in their articles.

One of the latest articles the author compared Cutler to Elway. I read the article and found more opinion than fact. It is totally unfair to compare a 16-year, Hall of Fame, Super Bowl winning quarterback, who's legacy defines Denver Bronco football. 

Upon closer examination of the stats from their first three years quite a different picture begins to appear. 

I do think that it is important for everyone to have their own opinions, but I believe they should be factually based. I have done the research for you on this matter, my source is Pro-Football 




Looking at the stats from both of their first three years at quarterback for Denver you can see that:

Cutler has a better completion percentage than Elway.

Cutler has thrown for more yards.

Cutler has more touchdowns, less interceptions, a lower interception percentage, a higher yards per attempt avg.

Cutler has a higher yards per game, higher quarterback rating, less sacks, less yards lost per sack.

Cutler has a higher net yards gained per pass attempt, and has a lower sack percentage per pass attempt. In fact look at Cutler's sack percentage last year it is an astounding low 1.8 percent.

OK those are the stats. I think it is quite apparent they speak for themselves! 

So you are saying to yourself what about win-loss record. Elway has the better win-loss record hands down. You might even say the record is the most important stat of all. We are a results oriented society and that is hard to argue. But when comparing two quarterbacks abilities you must compare their individual stats.

The record is not just dependent on the quarterbacks' abilities, but it depends on the team. Football is a team sport. You have an offense and a defense and each plays about half the game.

Any player can certainly affect the outcome of the game. To burden one player, even if it is the quarterback is saying that football isn't a team sport.  

When comparing the abilities of two quarterbacks you have to dig into the stats to get a real sense of their skills and abilities. For instance who would not say that Dan Marino was not a better quarterback than Trent Dilfer? Any serious football fan would say there is no comparison, obviously Marino had better skills and abilities. In fact the stats would show the same thing. But when comparing Marion to Dilfer you must take into account that Dilfer won a Super Bowl. 

Cutler is a gifted young quarterback who has not even hit his prime. As a Chicago Bears fan I am truly excited for the next several years! Cutler will prove he is his own man by proving to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in Chicago history. 

After all, we know that bar is very low and no, I am not pulling your leg!