What the F*** Is Wrong with Arsenal?

Mohamed Eldin MasriSenior Analyst IJuly 22, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 05:  Samir Nasri of Arsenal runs with the ball during the UEFA Champions League Semi Final Second Leg match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Emirates Stadium on May 5, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)


I honestly have no clue whatsoever why on Earth is Arsenal the team with the biggest injuries in all the sports there is.

Maybe it's because we keep buying all the pretty boys and midgets, as some fans put it, or maybe it's because we need an excuse for f***ing up matches every now and again.

Anyways, which ever way you put it, this situation is @$$. Name me at least one game where we played with a full squad, for God' sake I'm not asking for an entire season, I'm just asking for one stupid game.

This is getting beyond the point of ridiculous and into the realms of hilarious.

It's like a continuous punch to the nuts over and over again! No no no, not a punch, one of those little flicks that just barely hits you, it hurts you TWICE as much.

We've got a month to before the season starts, but let's be honest with ourselves, the fact that Arsenal sold Adebayor combined with the fact that Wenger still hasn't signed those two or three experienced players he talked about before the transfer season, and also the fact that he is considering a joke of a footballer called Chamakh leads us to the conclusion that Arsenal are dead broke.

You think Wenger wants to "Trust the players we have," especially after realizing that we need at least a defensive midfielder and a class striker? Of course not, the bottom line is that before these injuries the squad was incomplete, now things are even more messed up.

Nasri is injured, Eduardo is injured, and we haven't even started the season yet.

Maire Ofeire said in her article that Arsenal shoud re-sign Aliaksander Hleb, you know what. F*** it, let's bring that skinny Belarus back, and while we're at it, let's bring Flamini back as well.

Traitors or not, a year of their lives spent on the bench is a fine enough punishment for me, getting a defensive midfielder like Flamini with an improved contract (considering he left because he was being paid peanuts), and Hleb on a year long loan would do Arsenal in their current state a world of good.

But Arsenal are in dire need of a striker, and not an amateur like Chamaakh.

After selling Adebayor and still not buying players is staring to piss all the fans off. This isn't even the first time this happened. The board of directors need to give Wenger at least enough money to cover up the positions needed, the whole Gazidis trying to calm the fans down won't work anymore, not now at least.

Huntelaar is within the £15 million price region, or how about Van Nistelrooy, who could play a season or two and would actually make a difference.

FOR GOD'S SAKE WENGER, DO SOMETHING, you still have time, maybe not a lot of time but you could at least try. We've been defending you in the bad times, but you should repay our faith with something. It's better to have Nasri and Eduardo injured in the transfer market than getting injured during the league it self, there is still time to act.

In less than one week, Arsenal have lost three attacking players, one for good and two for two to three months. The backstabbing cheap board of directors need to give Wenger money, or how about Kroneke or Usmanov?

I just want all the money and time me and all the fans spent on this team have some meaning to them. Five years with out a trophy is just unbearable.

Damn it! I might as well go root for another team, Liverpool...Maybe?

Note: While indeed devestated by the current events, still I am and will be an avid Arsenal and Wenger fan for the very forseeable future.

Keep the faith......... somehow.

Also, we've had worse days.