The Lost Art Forms of the WWE

tim ogdenCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2009

The WWE has evolved in almost every aspect. It has gone from a small business to a global behemoth. It has had wrestlers move on and become movie stars and has even had movie stars become wrestlers.

From a small stadium in New York to thousands yearly in and out of the United States no one could have predicted the near rocket propelled growth that his company has achieved.

Evolution is the key to success of WWE but many of us often over the look the evolution in the ring itself. We tend to lose site of how wrestling used to be verse how it is now.  The styles were completely different, the attitudes changed, the pacing changed and the actual wrestling moves evolved…or did they?

With the new found love for “weapons” in the ring, many classic wrestling moves have been lost in the hurricane of new found violence the WWE has decided to adopt. Why do a DDT when you can smash someone in the head with a chair? Why body slam person when you can crush there liver with a sledgehammer? 

The involvement of these items may have increased the violence and bloody satisfaction for the fans but somewhere deep down I feel that many classic wrestling moves were lost in this new wave of brutality.

The First of and personal favorite of these wrestling moves that were lost is the “eye poke.”  Yes… I said it. The Eye Poke… Who doesn’t remember Ric Flair using his dangerous thumb  to thwart an opponents assault. With a simple Flick of the wrist he would wedge his finger into the pupil of his unsuspecting adversary.  

The momentum of the match would change like the ocean tides. Fans despised it, some loved it, some hated it but every time it was applied it worked. Now imagine John Cena is about to FU Randy Orton, the crowd is screaming, the building is shaking with screams.

Cena pumps up his shoes preparing for a sure fire victory when all of a sudden… Orton digs his thumb in to Cena and proceeding with an RKO! How satisfying would that be? How much sheer happiness would you have after witnessing this?

The second wrestling move lost in the new age is the “Back Rake.” I know it may be cheesy but what wrestling move isn’t?  Every move requires the superstar’s willingness to let it happen. The great thing about this move it is usually done to torment a downed opponent. It is done to inflict as much pain as possible. 

The wrestler basically looks at the crowd and gives a smirk and begins to tear down the back of his victim. It is a slap in the face to the audience especially if the villain is doing it. It is one of the ultimate cheap shots. This move seemed to be used more often by the true veterans of the game, the guys who have been around the longest. 

Imagine John Cena being beaten down by The Big Show, his body broke, his energy drained. He stumbles around the ring like a crash test dummy. As he turns away from The Big Show claws down Cena’s back with those huge bear paws of his. Oh the joy!

The Third wrestling move is one that is sometimes used today but it lacks the regularity it once had. I’m talking about the great “atomic drop.” This great move not only allowed a wrestler to swing the momentum in his favor but also injured the “family jewels…” but if he felt complied to further embarrass his enemy he would simply execute the “reverse” atomic drop further doing damage to the abdominal region.

It seemed every time this move was executed it was done during a flurry of offensive maneuvers. It signified a change in the match and gave the crowd something to cheer for (seriously, who doesn’t like seeing a guy get hit in the balls?).

These are just a few wrestling moves that should be used more often. They should be used because it causes dramatic effect it changes the nature of the match it pisses off the fans and its just classic wrestling. 

I realize that many people would choose the hard core violence over the “dirty” wrestling but what better way to pay homage to the wrestlers of old? The ones that started this business, the entertainers that wrestled because they loved it, the innovators, the guys that made it possible, the hall of famers and to the legends. 

Last but not least…the Russian leg sweep. I know many of us snicker at this move, mainly because both wrestlers are being thrown with the same force to the mat at the exact same time. 

But in my mind this is one of the great classics. Just hearing the word Russian Leg sweep sound like it was taken from a history book. The true technicians of the wrestling world loved to perform this maneuver: Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Jerry Lawler and many others…

There are many others moves which I would enjoy seeing more often…Boston Crab,  Texas Cloverleaf, The Full Nelson, Bear Hug, The Camel Clutch, The Sleeper, Neck breaker,  Finger Stomp, DDT and many others…

It’s time for wrestlers to become creative again; they need to get away from the chair shots and sledge hammers, tables and bats. They should watch film of the old greats.

They should sit in a chair with a notebook and pen, a full cup a coffee and re-learn the moves that we once loved the moves that have been lost in the evolution of this business.