Anne-Marie Morrow to Have Twins: Possible Future Hockey Players?

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IMay 9, 2008

Image: Brenden and Anne-Marie are on the right.

Author's Note: I could have used a wedding photo of Brenden and Anne-Marie for this article but refuse to post such a private occasions images (even though they are public) on this site. People all to often pry into athletes lives and i refuse to do it as a journalist.

Guy Carbonneau has been long-known as a fantastic hockey player and coach in both Montreal and Dallas. His son-in law-is beginning to receive the same name. With more and more playoff buzz surrounding Brenden Morrow, it only makes sense that an heir—or two—to this hockey throne could be born soon. The Morrow clan already have a daughter named Bryelle who (I believe) is about 3-years-old.

    Before game one, Dallas Morning News reported that Anne-Marie Morrow is not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins! She is scheduled to give birth on Sunday. The couple adjusted the procedure to go along with the playoff schedule. Anne-Marie's father, Guy Carbonneau, is expected to be in town for the births.

    One thing is for sure: this is a that family anyone associated with hockey would want to be part of. They're becoming the Kennedy's of Hockey!

    If one of these twins is a boy he's going to for sure be a first rounder—to the Stars of course. I am sure it is only a matter of time before Brenden and Guy must barricade little Bryelle away from the adoring hockey boys.

    Let's face it, a woman who can talk hockey is amazing and a dime a dozen, but a woman who is part of hockey is pure gold.

    I would like to congratulate Brenden and Anne-Marie Morrow on a beautiful family. Brenden Morrow's devotion to family and hockey makes him a true idol for kids growing up dreaming to play hockey to look up to.