OMG, the Next Episode of My Soap Opera Is On: "Days of Our NASCAR"

Gary GuilliamsCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

So, by now we have all heard about NASCAR vs Jeremy Mayfield. If you haven’t, then there is obviously something wrong with you and you live under a rock.

Anybody who writes anything about it usually just gives one side of the story, not both. So, people can be easily misled by things they read on one article and then something they read on another article.

Maybe, just maybe, if both sides of the story were read at once, then people would realize that this whole thing is pretty much a stand-off. From what evidence both sides have it could go either way, and none of us know the absolute truth we can just speculate.

So, here goes both sides of the story with a little opinion thrown in there because everybody has one. Oh, one more thing just to throw out there, has anybody else noticed that anything written on is sided with NASCAR? There is literally not one good thing said about Mayfield, from what I’ve read.

It all started May 9, 2009. Jeremy was suspended from a positive drug test which we now know to be as meth. He claimed Adderall and Calritin were to blame. Adderall is easily understood to be a name brand amphetamine, and Claritin to contain is known to contain pseudoephedrine.

Okay, so test results come back. The person sees on the results that amphetamine and pseudoephedrine were in Mayfield's system. Adderall is commonly abused, and pseudoephedrine is used to make meth.

So the person that examines the drug test sees this and first instincts lead his mind to think meth. This is all of course speculation by me, but this is a possibility.

So, when Dr. Black questioned Jeremy and Jeremy told him that he took Adderall, Dr. Black said he highly doubted that a man of Jeremy’s age would need to take such a drug. We should all know what happens after this the lawsuit, injunction granted, choice words by both sides.

Now, to more recent things, July 6, 2009. This is where most of the two-sided stuff comes in, so pay attention.

We’ll start with NASCAR's side. This is when NASCAR decided to have Jeremy take a second test with and the specimen to be sent to AEGIS Corp. The results came back, and it showed positive for meth. The news spread like a wildfire. I couldn’t even watch any type of news without hearing about it.

I had just about lost my faith in Jeremy until I got home and actually had access to a computer, and watched the 20 minute interview he did for Fox. You should really try to watch it. The reason for this interview was that Jeremy was just fed up with staying quiet.

However, his attorney told him not to talk, but nothing was said about his side of the story up to that point, and he just couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s like being in high school and hearing a rumor about you, and doing nothing about it. Who does that? Nobody.

The main point I want to make about the article would be the 15 negative drug tests that Jeremy took with an independent. People say "Oh, they’re not certified or anything like that so any results that come back aren’t right." Well, that's right.

And Jeremy made a comment saying that his test sent to AEGIS was spiked. That really isn’t that farfetched of an idea. Nobody knows what extent NASCAR will go to. If it wasn’t spiked and the records weren’t falsified why won’t they let Jeremy and his attorneys have his sample B from July 6.

NASCAR has already been known to do that, as with Tim Richmond.

Its very much so a possibility that NASCAR did that.  On to the sworn affidavit from Jeremy’s step-mom saying "Between 1998 and 2005, I am personally aware that Jeremy used methamphetamines often," "I was concerned about his heavy use and talked to his father about it. I saw Jeremy use methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least 30 times during the 7 years I was around him. Jeremy used methamphetamine not only in my presence, but also when we were both in the presence of others."

Well there’s one person saying that he did meth, but what about the others that he was in the presence of? I’ve never known a meth user to openly do drugs. Wow, seven years of drug use! He sure doesn’t look like he has taken meth. Please don’t leave me comments saying people can hide their drug use.

First off, according to his mother, he wasn’t hiding it. The amount of meth said to be on the drug test would make him a chronic user. This is 10 years of a chronic meth user. Does Jeremy look anything like her go ahead and count seven spaces over on the picture.

And don’t tell me I know nothing about hiding drugs because my mom and dad both did meth for years. I’m not looking for any type of pity, I’m just saying. Yes, everybody is different on drugs, to some extent.

Also, everybody is obsessing over this affidavit from his step mother. What about the affidavits from other people like Bobby Wooten, who was the General Manager for Mayfield Motorsports.

Wooten testified in a sworn affidavit that U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen took in to consideration when he lifted Mayfield’s suspension.

“I have never seen Jeremy under that pretense,” Wooten said. “And he was around us four and five days a week, 12 hours a day. Typically, if you are an abuser of this particular drug, you can’t go without it for that long of a time. I did not ever see that in Jeremy.”

Bobby Wooten was also a police officer for nine years. It was stuff like that which I was talking about before most people get one side of the story. I just found what Wooten said while writing this article.

So far the only things Mayfield has done wrong is not telling NASCAR about the Adderall in the first place, and also lashing out against NASCAR and his step mom, and at this point I think he has just about every right too. 

Personally, I think if you’re going to write an article or even post a comment, you should know both side of the story. There is a lot of information out there that not everybody has access to. From what we have though, there really isn’t enough to say who is completely right and who is completely wrong.

In my opinion, Jeremy is doing a pretty good job.