2008 NBA Draft with a Twist

Michael PeresContributor IMay 9, 2008

Everyone wishes that they could draft their own NBA team. 

I'm sure that building a team from scratch and turning it into a championship contender has to be one of the best feelings in the world. This explains why every time you go into franchise mode in any of the major sports games on Xbox360 or PS3, it gives you the option to dump every player into the draft pool and just build your team from the bottom up. 

Sure it's weird seeing Kobe Bryant playing for the Denver Nuggets or Stephon Marbury stuck in Salt Lake City, but it also provides hours of entertainment, laughs and endless scenarios of what if's. 

Without further ado I give you the 2008 NBA Draft predictions if every player was available.  To determine the draft order I just clicked on ESPN's lottery generator and whatever came out first is how it was decided. Today is picks 1-10, Monday picks 11-20, Tuesday is the rest!

1. Memphis Grizzlies—Chris Paul—I personally would take Chris Paul over anyone else just because he has such a unique talent.  I know that some would crucify me for not taking Lebron or Kobe, but here's my reasoning.  Chris Paul is only 23-years-old and just had the greatest season of all time as a point guard.  He is very likable, makes everyone around him play better, and most of all is a stand up citizen who will give you years of entertainment as well as the cornerstone to a future championship dynasty.

2. Los Angeles ClippersLebron JamesTalk about an unreal scenario here.  The Clippers get lucky and draw the number two spot and take the biggest superstar in the NBA.  Not only do they put the Lakers on the back burner in Los Angeles, but they also inherit the biggest merchandise seller in the NBA.  Most of all, at 23-years-old, James has his best years ahead of him and that's very scary for the rest of the league.

3. Seattle SupersonicsDwight HowardI think Howard has to be the third pick overall because of his freakish size, speed, and athleticism.  Throw in his age at 22 and his sick ability to throw up 20-and-20's and one could make a strong argument that he should be the first overall pick.

4. Miami HeatKobe BryantI would be a little hesitant to take Kobe Bean here because he is almost 30 years old which makes me feel like I'm 40 years old even though I'm only 23.  However, there is no arguing that as of right now he is one of the top players in the league and has proven that when surrounded with talent, he can score at will.

5. Minnesota TimberwolvesTim DuncanOne of the top five power forwards to ever to play the game.  He provides his team with consistency, fundamentals, leadership and the uncanny ability to whine after every call.  With all that aside, Timmy would be one of the sure things with no real downside.

6. New York KnicksAndrew BogutJust kidding, although I would love to see Knick fans react to this.

6a. New York KnicksKevin GarnettJust think of the infusion he gave the Boston Celtics this year. Yes, he is pretty old and will probably start winding down sometime soon, and yes, he has a reputation for not being a big game player.  But, KG would thrive in New York and cause Knicks fans to love going to the Garden again which counts for a lot.

7. Milwaukee BucksDirk NowitzkiOne of those super rare players that we really have never seen before.  A 7-foot-tall German with his strong suit actually being his perimeter play.  Dirk would give the Bucks a go-to player down the stretch and someone who could pour in points night in and night out. Plus, who wouldn't want to see the Dirk in Milwaukee.

8. Charlotte BobcatsSteve NashI think this is the time for Nash to go.  The two time MVP has so much to offer and in my opinion is the most creative player in the league.  His age and recent injury problems keep him from going higher.

9. Chicago BullsDeron WilliamsThe Bulls have to take Deron Williams here.  He has the rare ability to play a true point guard, while at the same time having the size and strength to post up and play lockdown defense.  His shooting touch from 3-point land as well as his age make him an ideal selection at the number nine spot.

10. New Jersey NetsAmare Stoudemire—He's just one of those players who seems like he can dunk from anywhere on the floor.  Even though he has had micro-fracture surgery, it seems like he's bounced back with no repercussions and at 26 years old still has a lot left in the tank.

Picks 11-20 Coming on Monday...