Sports and a Good Woman: The Two Most Important Things in a Man's Life

Torey ZiskaCorrespondent IIJuly 21, 2009

For a true sports fanatic, not unlike myself, at times it seems as if there is nothing more important than whatever sports game is on at that time.


Whether it’s a postseason MLB game, an early season NBA game, or a mid-season Monday Night Football game, sports are what make our clocks tick. But we must never lose sight of the importance of a good woman. A woman who supports our unhealthy obsessions, understands them, and may even have a few of her own.


To our special someone, our manhood is defined by our actions. Nothing makes our women happier then when we’re willing to miss the game of the decade, to take her out to dinner to celebrate an anniversary, or even just to remind them how much we love them.


Though, I do not wish to imply that sports are indeed more important than a good woman; that simply is just not the case. However, let me explain it in a way anyone can understand.


For example, when the superstar of our favorite team makes a great play, we scream and holler support and gratitude. When the superstar of our relationship (the woman) does something great for us, we tend to take it for granted.


Perhaps an even better description is this: Let’s take Kobe Bryant and the Lakers (or LeBron and the Cavs, or any true superstar and his team). We understand that, if Bryant or James or whoever gets hurt and is going to miss some games, we realize ahead of time what we’re losing. We love them from the beginning, and not just when we lose them and things start to go downhill for our teams.


Unfortunately the same can’t be said for our women in similar situations. Sure, we love them from the beginning, but far too often it isn’t until after we have lost them, that we realize exactly what we had, and what we took for granted.


So men, in the end, thank that lucky lady of yours every chance you get. Realize what your girl means to you before you lose her. Realize what you’ve got while you’ve got it and make sure she never gets away.


Unless of course, she’s not a sports fan. In that case, move on and find the right woman, (you know, one who knows the difference between a fumble and “down by contact,” and understands why we can be so superstitious about everything that relates to our teams) and when you do, cherish her forever.


Remember, you know you’re with the right girl when your team loses a heartbreaker at the buzzer, or in the bottom of the ninth, and yet, you don’t even care because you got to spend the game with the one you love.