EUROPE: A Closing Stage Round-Up

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- Final week, here we go.

- Wigan have drawn last three games against big four, Man Utd's motivation is maybe just too great. 

- C Ronaldo two goals to go until he breaks Alan Shearer's record of 31 goals in a 38 game league season which he set in the 95/96, you wouldn't bet against him.

- Rooney will be a sub but that injury looked bad against Chelsea, expect a half fit Rooney in the Champions League Final. 

- Fulham could lose and survive, Birmingham have been awful just awful, Reading haven't scored in about a year or to be exact nine hours, Portsmouth players will be minding themselves for the FA Cup final, why? God knows they seem to think they'll be able to switch it on come the Cup Final.

- Keegan being chastised for comments? These are the kind of comments he has being saying for years, but he did sound a little down in the dumps and withdrawn this time around. 

- Unfit looking Rafa Benitez listen up... Let your man Peter Crouch go, sending out the 15 million signal is all well and true but your a bad man if you keep that slugger around one more year shame on you. Please get to the gym this year Rafa no manager of a football team should be overweight it sends out the wrong vibe that is what is missing from Liverpool a fit looking manager. 



- Valencia survive the big scare of possible relegation. Valencia are going to have to sell all there big players, the reason being a couple of years ago they came up with the idea to sell there stadium and move to a cheaper area of town. However, it went wrong, they bought a 250 million new lot in the cheaper part of town but haven't been able to sell their current stadium, as the construction business has fallen through in Spain. Valencia are now in big trouble having had three managers in this current season.

- Madrid take Barca down, the coffin is now sealed, many Barca fans including myself see this as just, and are happy to take the beating, in order to hit home to those who don't think sweeping changes of attitude and personnel are needed.

- Barcelona cannot get second place and therefore loose automatic entry into the Champions League, they must play the qualifying round, a blessing in disguise no far east tour at last a proper pre season.

- Rijkaard is no more, Mr Calm will be missed and Barca fans must be grateful for all he brought. The rise and fall of his administration goes hand in hand with the playing success and failure of Ronaldinho, a simple thought but one that is telling, a sad thing all round.

- Villarreal, what a story. Robert Pires has just been fantastic in his twighlight years. This small town team will finish runner up of La Liga and will have another go at Europe, expect great things from this team next year. 



- Roma pull it back to just three points behind Inter, who host Siena at the weekend which is not so cut and dry. Mancini to go yeah or nay? Jose Mourinho will be hoping he does, the special one is running out of great clubs to speculate about.

- AC Milan, don't dream it's over. A derby win over the current Champions, the great talk of a downfall is cheap and short term. With four or five signings these giants of World Football will be back on all fronts next year.

New signing Flamini, come the age of 28, will be one of the best around in his position, rumour has been his wage at Arsenal was £20,000 per month in one year he has gone from possible loan signing to Middlesborough to having a great year and getting a transfer to the European giants and a massive financial deal.

- Gattuso agrees to sign with Bayern Munich, the other rumour being Luca Toni is the highest paid player in Europe bar none no wonder Rino is happy to go try his luck with Klinsmann.



- Lyon are now only two points in front of Bordeaux, things are getting tasty.  There maybe a power shift on our hands, Lyon are not the franchise they once were.



- Fixture drama and the SFA get a kicking in the media and quite right to.

- Drama still to come on the pitch for sure, can Rangers carry this through and can Celtic win the rest of their games.

Much love...

Alby Jnr


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