Dead Time in the World of Sports

Yoni JanisContributor IJuly 21, 2009

Wow, I am bored. There is nothing to watch in the sports world right now.

Ever since Wimbledon ended, it seems like it’s a dead time in sports.

Yeah, I know there is some baseball, but try watching a pitch in the middle of the night (I live in Israel) and then waiting until the next pitch and then another pitch without falling asleep.

Yeah, I had a bit of fun watching the U.S. Open in golf, but I suffered from a mixture of English, Japanese, Spanish, and some other languages in “ESPN Israel’s great coverage of the British Open”.

I miss you, European soccer. But what about these great friendly matches? I really am extremely careless about them.

I can’t wait until helmets collide, and even bigger guys collide, and I don’t mean painted guy’s in underwear running inside a ring.

I can't wait until Brett Favreyeah, I know he hasn’t signed yet, but it's going to happengoes to throw a pigskin in Green Bay, or for those great NFC East battles.

Or maybe we could finally get a Federer-Nadal final this year at the U.S. Open?

What about Lebron James penetrating with the “hard task of finishing or passing inside to Shaq,” and Jack Nicholson watching his beloved and improved Lakers?

I can’t wait for all the great sports stuff to come back, because life cannot do this to me. I am used to being busy in the summer time, so I have never noticed that mid-July to the beginning of August is absolutely the worst time for sports in the year.

I hope the swimming World Championships will help me survive next week, because I became quite a fan of in the past Olympic Games.

I would really like to fast forward to mid-August and get some soccer in me again, but until then, I guess more nights like this one will have to do: Going to the pub and drinking, drinking, drinking, and then writing something on BleacherReport.