First Impressions Here

Mindy JamesContributor IJuly 21, 2009

Wow, yesterday I posted my work up here on the Bleacher Report website after being a member for a few weeks.

"21 Years Ago Today" was a combination a blog I had written several months ago and in fact it remains posted on my personal Myspace page today, and the rest of the article I published here I wrote yesterday prior to posting.

I haven't read my older blog post for quite sometime and perhaps I should have before just adding to it and putting it up. I didn't give it all that much thought truthfully.

The blog post had made sense, and where i"d added to it seemed fine so i went ahead and published it. I must admit that it is quiet a bit more than discouraging when you come back the next day to find your first comment says "Ugh, what is this?" posted by a boy who appears in the photo beside the comment...and frankly I could go there, but I won't.

To that comment however i would like to say that as far as my writing ability goes, yeah, i'm doing this for free on this site, because I want to, not because I need to. Writing this type of stuff is where i get my money from and i make a good living.

My second of two comments said that my work "had to be plagiarized" and the same person followed that w/ another saying something to the effect of "oh well, welcome."

This commenter I found interesting because it's kind of a backhanded compliment to say my work is straight up plagiarized, now is it not?

Either way, i've concluded that i'm glad i'm not just starting out on a path in hopes of being a journalist or sports reporter...or a writer of any kind that stumbled upon this site to start my journey.

In just a day my work was put down, insulted and I was called a thief, how's that for a first day on a job!?

As I said, this is "fun" writing for me so no, I'm not offended. I don't appreciate the responses that I received necessarily, who would, but those words won't crush me.

Won't stop me from doing what I've had a job doing since 2007. That said, my reason for writing this is to let some of you who have been on here awhile know that especially when a new writer comes in and the first thing that happens is like what I've just went through, well, you guys could be destroying the writers of tomorrow.

You're crushing dreams and shattering hopes when you don't offer constructive criticism. 

"Ugh, what is this?"

What kind of comment is that? Really now, my seven-year-old could come up with a better one-liner.