OurFB: Show Your Love on Our Site, Win Prizes

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IApril 6, 2017

Without our readers and those who buy our shirts, this whole Right Field Bleachers thing would be a whole lot less fun to do. The gig pays nothing, the hours are inconsistent and the blog post to girls impressed ratio is surprisingly low. But each positive comment and shirt order keeps this hobby fun. And even though we’ve made the swift transition from blog that routinely misspelled Adam McCalvy’s name to a TMZ-linked, beer-reviewing blog that still routinely misspells Adam McCalvy’s name - something is still missing. Pictures of you in our shirts.

Contest Time
Send in pictures, Photoshops or YouTube video links showing you and/or your tailgating group wearing our shirts. Submissions will be evaluated on any or all of the following criteria:
- Inventiveness
- Humor
- Sexiness
- Ethnic Diversity
- How Bad Ass You Look in it
- Presence of Local Celebrities
- Irony (Ex: You Beering Milwaukee while drinking Cranberry Juice in Memphis)
- Other

One male contestant, one female contestant and one group submission will take home a prize pack for their winning entry.

The Prizes
Each winner will gain blog immortality  mention as their submission will grace our “Gear” page for all eternity. If that’s not enough (I know, it’s not), we’ll mail you a goodie bag with RFB merch, stuff from places like SportsBubbler.com, Tessuta, Wholesale Keychain AND Brewers soap handmade by yours truly, RFB’s own Tyler.

To Enter
E-mail entries to Crew@RightFieldBleachers.com by next Wednesday (July 29). Winners will be notified via e-mail and named on the site (first name only, big brother won’t get you) next Friday (July 31). There is no limit on the amount of entries per person or group.

Now get to representing RFB and start e-mailing in those pics.