10 Points to Consider About Trading Roy Halladay

micheal malcolmCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - JULY 14: American League All-Star Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays pitches during the 2009 MLB All-Star Game at Busch Stadium on July 14, 2009 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)

I am incensed by the constant rumors surrounding our ace Roy Halladay. I wrote an article about trade partners and there was certainly a positive response. Today I want to clear up some misconceptions about some trade partners that have been making headlines recently.


1. If J.P actually believes a substandard package of Michael Taylor, Dominic Brown and Jason Knapp is enough to trade Roy Halladay he should be burnt at the stake clear and simple. I don’t care about potential what is your reality and at this point even if you added Kyle Drabek to that list I still wouldn’t do it. The Phillies system is barren, I repeat barren.


2. Mets have allegedly turned down an opportunity to acquire Halladay as they wanted to hold on to Martinez (immature, untapped talent) Bobby Parnell (injury prone) Jon Niese (was shell-shocked last year) and Ruben Tejada (likely five years older than he says he is)

Minaya is an idiot for not doing this considering Santana-Halladay combination means NYM would be back in the race.


3. Someone on B|R stated that Halladay is not worth Kershaw. I respectfully disagree although I liked the article. As I’ve previously discussed a combination of Kemp, Loney, Either, Kershaw, and Ivan DeJesus Jr.\Andrew Lambo would be more than enough and would give the Jays an opportunity to address multiple weaknesses in their system and major league club.


4. If you have the opportunity to get rid of Vernon Wells (unlikely) or Alex Rios (more likely) please do so.


5. John Danks-Alexi Ramirez combination isn’t enough to get Halladay to the White Sox. When you add Gordon Beckham to that combination, it is a good starting point for talks.


6. If the Marlins could some how look at taking on the salary of Halladay, they are very ideal trade partners for the Jays.


7. Boston or New York will not get Halladay. It’s not because JP has to be wowed but simply because Boston and New York are run by competent baseball men that will not allow a heist to take place.


8. I am glad that Paul Beeston will get the final say, as if JP had the power he had a couple years back he really could have messed this up, even more than his foolish trades with Oakland


9. At this rate the Jays will end up with a worse package than the Twins got for Santana.


10. Any chance we can convince Bryan Colangelo to take over the GM position for the Jays or we could just trade GM’s (let’s exchange with Florida’s staff PLEASE).


Retraction*I respecfully admit wholly i bashed the Phillie farm system i was COMPLETELY WRONG for that statment as there is some pretty exciting talent there and enough to make a fair and equitable Halladay trade*