Chris Jericho's Mystery Partner Revealed! (Humor)

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

As everyone knows, Edge suffered a torn achilles at a house show against Jeff Hardy. With Edge being injured this left the Canadian Connection's Tag Team Championship reign in jeopardy, leaving Chris Jericho without a partner.

It was on RAW where Jericho - being the genius that he is - announced that he was aware of that Edge was injury prone and had a clause written into his contract allowing him to choose a new partner if Edge was to get injured.

Well, I am proud to announce that I am the only person that knows who Jericho's mystery partner is. This mystery partner is a man who can relate to Chris, because he too is surrounded by inane, gelatinous tapeworms. This man is honest, trustworthy, a man of great respect and thinks very highly of himself. Chris Jericho's partner is none other than... me!

Last Friday I was sitting at home working on an article and the phone rang. I answered the phone with caution because it could have been a bill collector. So slowly I answered the phone and in my disguised voice I said, "Hello?". The person on the other end said, "Is this Jabot Singleterry? I was calling because I really need his help!" After hearing and recognizing the voice I realized that it was the five time World Champion, Chris Jericho!

"Yes, this is Jabot, Mr. Jericho!", I said with glee. "Well as you know that weak link Edge got himself injured and I'm in need of a new partner to replace him. Will you be my partner?" After I got finish doing numerous cartwheels of excitement. I gave him my answer, "It would be an honor!"

Earlier today, Chris and I met up at the Richmond Coliseum where he'll be dominating his competition tonight (SmackDown Taping). So after talking for a while, I finally signed the contact for the match at Night of Champions. Thats right, the Jay man will be in full effect with one of the greatest wrestlers in the world this Sunday at Night of Champions. This is an opportunity I will not let pass me by.