Specific Details Emerge of Sexual Assault Complaint Against Ben Roethlisberger

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IJuly 21, 2009

Late last night, Pro Football Talk broke the story that Ben Roethlisberger was being sued by a woman named Andrea McNulty in Nevada for sexual assault. Most everyone has probably heard the story by now, but here are some background links in case you need to get caught up:

The latest report by PFT contains a recap of the sexual assault complaint filed by McNulty.

As Florio explains, it contains extraordinarily detailed descriptions that prove one of two things: either the event occurred and Roethlisberger in some serious hot water; or, that the accuser has an extremely active imagination.  

Numerous blogs I’ve read have compared this case to the Kobe Bryant sexual assault story and trial that broke a few years back, and those comparisons certainly seem apt…whether the outcome is similar remains to be seen.

Here is an excerpt from PFT’s report, detailing the sexual assault complaint that McNulty filed against Roethlisberger:

McNulty claims that, when she arrived at the room, he was wearing a T-shirt and athletic shorts.  She adds, for no apparent reason other than to show the clarity of her recollection, that the room was a mess.

Roethlisberger showed her the television that was malfunctioning, located in suite’s bedroom.  Using the remote, she determined that there was no problem with the television or the sound system.

She claims that, as she tried to leave the room, Roethlisberger blocked her path, and that he “grabbed [her] and started to kiss her.”

She claims that she was “shocked and stunned that this previously friendly man, that appeared to be a gentleman in her previous contacts with him was suddenly preventing her from leaving, was assaulting and battering her.” 

PFT’s report goes on to discuss how McNulty claims she told Roethlisberger that he “did not want to do this” and that she was not on birth control, to which he allegedly replied that he would “pull out”, which she claims he did.  

After the altercation, Big Ben allegedly became concerned by the fact that there were cameras in the room, which lead to this statement: “If anyone asks you, you fixed my television,” he allegedly said.  “You fixed my television.  Now go!”

As always, it is important to note in cases like this that Roethlisberger’s representatives have denied the charges wholeheartedly.  Additionally, this is a civil suit and not a criminal investigation.  I’ve seen no report stating that a criminal investigation is impending either.

It is easy to jump to conclusions in cases such as these, but doing so would be wholly inappropriate.  We’ve seen cases such as these where athletes were indeed guilty, and we’ve also seen cases in which athletes are victims of money- and/or fame-hungry women.

So the best bet for everyone, in the interest of fairness, is to consume the information that is being reported but withhold judgment until each party is able to state their case publicly and in a court of law.

And a court of law certainly seems to be the place where this case is headed.

Update: Just caught this post over at TMZ that discusses the fact that Roethlisberger’s accuser has been seeing a psychiatrist recently.  The post includes the following bizarre background information on Andrea McNulty:

Sources connected with the case tell us a former co-worker of McNulty’s at Harrah’s came forward with this incredible story—that around the time McNulty hooked up with Roethlisberger, she was allegedly involved with a married man.

The man’s wife, we’re told, created an e-mail account, posing as a U.S. soldier in Iraq. The wife began corresponding with McNulty to gain information.

We’re told the former co-worker has said McNulty fell in love with the fictitious soldier and began telling people she was engaged to him.

When the wife stopped the correspondence, McNulty then began telling people the soldier was killed in action.

The TMZ report also says that sources have informed them that Roethlisberger has admitted to a “sexual liaison” but that it was consensual. Here is Florio’s take on the TMZ report.