The Philadelphia 76ers and Allen Iverson: One Last Hurrah

Gabe AllenContributor IJuly 21, 2009

Andre Miller's days in a Sixer uniform appear to be numbered. Rumors are swirling about a sign and trade with the New York Knicks.

That will leave the 76ers with the mid-level exception to improve their roster for the upcoming season, for which, as it stands, they will be competing for one of the last playoff spots, and another first round exit.

Allen Iverson has already expressed interest in signing a one-year contract for the mid-level exception.

Some are insistent that Iverson is washed up, injury-prone, and a bad teammate.

However, Iverson is not washed up. His last season in Denver he posted averages of 26 points, seven assists, and two steals per game, while being a league leader in minutes as well.

Last season, when we was shipped to Detroit, the trade was made by Detroit in order to create significant cap space, while still keeping fans in the seats. The Pistons were also prepared to dub Rodney Stuckey as the point guard of their future, and thus they handed over the starting reigns to him.

If the Pistons cared about competing last season, they would have started Iverson and Hamilton in the backcourt, and kept Stuckey coming off the bench.

When asked about his health status, he replied, "My shoulder's hurting right now because of the huge chip I have on it."

Next, Allen Iverson is a great teammate. If all the players around him cared as much as he does, then there would be no problems.

Now I ask you this: How can the 76ers become relevant again for the first time since shipping away Iverson in December of 2006?

The Answer is The Answer.

Let's also not forget that this would be Iverson's best Sixer team he ever played for. With the other A.I. and Elton Brand, this team would immediately become the sleepers of the Eastern Conference.

The beginning of the season would be crucial. If the Sixers got off to a good start, they would never look back. They would ride the wave that is the City of Brotherly Love into the playoffs, where amazing happens. 

I can see Iverson putting his hand to his ear, sending the Wachovia Center into a frenzy of pandemonium, and sending chills up my spine.

Please, Ed Stefanski, bring home the 6'0" guard from Georgetown for one last hurrah.