I'M Just Saying: We Still Have a Shot, If We Want It.

Nick AdamoCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 17:  New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya addresses the media at a press conference called to name Jerry Manuel as the interim manager at Angel Stadium on June 17, 2008 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

It seems that more and more people are giving up on my Mets everyday. Many people have told me I am too positive and that despite being a fan I must know when to be realistic.

Well I am being realistic and I am saying that my Mets can win the Wild Card.In my opinion their is no team that really stands out as favorites in the race for the NL wildcard.

Not only do I think the teams ahead of us are weak, I will show that we have a chance to overtake them because we play them. I will also show how far from them we are, or should I say how close.

1 Colorado Rockies 6.5 games back - After starting off the season terribly they have turned it on but can they keep it up. I dont think so. Number of games we play them 7.

2 San Francisco Giants 6 games back- Have a very good young pitching staff but a terrible offense and that is their downfall. # of games we play them 4.

3 Chicago Cubs 3.5 games back - The cubs are having a below average season as their stars are not shining bright. I'm looking for the Phillies to sweep them so we level off with each other. # of games we play them 6.

4 Milwaukee Brewers 2.5 games back- The Brewers have a good lineup, but weak pitching all around. They also still have 15 games against the Phillies, Dodgers and Cardinals. We dont play them.

5 Atlanta Braves 2.5 games back - The team I consider to have the best shot at the Wild Card beside the Mets. They are playing well but have 13 games against the Dodgers and Phillies. We also play them a whopping 12 times so it will come down to us beating them.

6 Houston Astros 2.5 games back - I dont see them contending and neither does their management because they arent looking to acquire anyone. They also have 17 games split against the Phillies and Cardinals. # of games we play them 6.

7 Florida Marlins 2 games back - Come on the Marlins they'll be done by the deadline. They have 8 games against the Phillies and 3 verse the Dodgers. # of games we play them 9.

Then the Mets. We have 19 games against the Nationals, Diamondbacks and Padres not to mention 9 against Florida. We also have 3 extremely good hitters coming back in a 3 and a half week span.

I also think that we need to make a move or two. Nothing that would cripple our farm system, but smart acquisitions.

I think we made a very stupid decision on passing up Halladay. We could have gotten him for an injury prone outfielder who has just had another surgery, our second best SS prospect, a young relief pitcher who has been in effective and highest potential is setup man at least for the next three years, and an unproven starter who's best potential is a #3 in the rotation.

This would not damage our Farm in fact none of these guys are so called untouchables and if we dont get Halladay the Phillies will.

I also think we should get a bat that would not cost too much. I really Like Teahen but their are others.

The Mets are not out of it. In fact they are very much alive, especially if Omar can strenghten our team before the deadline.