WWE's Monday Night Raw Rocks Out with Guest Host ZZ Top

No BodyCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

I personally found this week's Raw to be rather disappointing. Maybe it was ZZ Top hosting it, maybe it was the fact that half of the matches were just repeats of last week's. Who knows? Something about this week's Raw just didn't feel right.

John Cena started Raw off, announcing that the main event would be Priceless vs. Cena and Triple H and began to say how excited he was for it. Randy Orton interrupted him, however, and after a brief standoff between Legacy and Cena and Triple H, Orton set up the main event so that he was also involved in it.

So the main event was set up to be basically the same as last week's.

Santino then had a short backstage segment with the guest hosts, ZZ Top. I'm wondering if Santino will actually wrestle anytime on Raw, because for the past few weeks he's just been talking with the hosts and not showing any action.

After a short commercial, it was announced that the United States Championship will be defended in a Six Pack Challenge between Kofi Kingston, Big Show, Jack Swagger, Miz, Carlito, and MVP.

Match One: three-on-three tag-team match between the teams of Kofi, MVP, Primo and Show, Swagger, and Carlito.

This was pretty much just a warm-up match for NoC. Primo got the pin on Carlito after some back and forth action. His celebration was cut short however, as he suffered a spear from Big Show. Show then continued to wreak havoc on everyone in the ring, proving that he is the dominant choice for the U.S. champion.

ZZ Top is still backstage with Santino as Chris Jericho walks in and introduces himself. He suggests that they have a jam session later, but ZZ Top announces that they have bigger plans for Jericho tonight. He will be taking on Mark Henry.

Another match that was shown last week.

Match Two: Standard Match
between The Brian Kendrick and Jerry Lawler.

Vince is obviously still upset with Kendrick seeing as how he is now a glorified jobber. This week it was to a retired Hall of Famer turned announcer, Jerry Lawler. This was a very short match, and was not very entertaining.

Match Three: Standard Match
between Chris Jericho and Mark Henry.

Henry started off as the dominant force, but Jericho soon got an advantage and knocked the World's Strongest Man down. The advantage didn't last for too long, however, and Henry once again used brute strength to control the match.

The match spilled out onto the floor where Jericho grabbed a chair and began to beat Henry with it. This caused Jericho to lose the match by DQ, but that was the least of his troubles. Henry then countered the third chair shot and threw Jericho across the announce table and back into the ring where he delivered the World's Strongest Slam.

This match wasn't awful, but it wasn't anything special either. Jericho is still yet to announce who his tag-team partner for NoC will be.

ZZ Top is shown backstage with Santino yet again, this time meeting Chavo Guerrero. Chavo says how he has been humiliated by Hornswoggle too many times and deserves better (basically what most of B/R is saying) and ZZ Top announces that he will be facing Hornswoggle yet again in a Tuxedo match.

A third repeat match.

Match Four: Tuxedo Match
between Chavo and Hornswoggle.

Chavo's pants were sewn together, giving Hornswoggle an obvious advantage. Hornswoggle started off strong, ripping Chavo's jacket and shirt off, but Chavo then got a slight advantage and took Hornswoggle's jacket and shoes off.

Chavo then got pushed over the middle rope and became "caught up" in the ropes, allowing Hornswoggle to strip the pants and the dignity off of Chavo.

This is pissing me off almost as much Cena overcoming the odds. Chavo deserves to be pushed so much more, and yet he is not even mid-card level. He has lost to Hornswoggle three weeks in a row. This is past the point of funny, it's just plain ridiculous.

Chris Jericho was confronted by Priceless as he was walking to his car. They talked down to him and seemed very confident that they would win the titles this Sunday and that Jericho didn't even have a partner.

Jericho seemed just as egotistical and confident as always however and shot both of them down and replied that he could pick anyone in the WWE, even Randy Orton.

In my opinion, that last part was just ridiculous. Randy Orton as his partner? As much as I would enjoy seeing it, I can't say I'm betting on it happening. Orton is defending the much more prestigious WWE title later that night. There is no way he is going to waste any energy on any other match.

Match Five: Diva's Tag-team Match
between Kelly Kelly/Gail Kim and Rosa/Alicia Fox.

This was actually the match of the night in my opinion. Well, Kelly Kelly looked good at least. She showed some great moves and athleticism and showed once again just how much she has improved since beginning in the WWE.

Rosa and Alicia Fox were ridiculous as usual. I'm not sure why either of them are in the ring. I guess WWE needs divas but talent would be nice.

Gail Kim looks good, but she wasn't given as much of the spotlight as Kelly Kelly in this match.

Alicia Fox actually somehow got the pin even though both she and Kelly Kelly were tied up in the ropes for the entire three count.

Main Event:
Handicap Match between Legacy and Cena/Triple H.

We just saw this last week. It was the same match with a different ending. The majority of this match saw Triple H getting pounded by all three members of Legacy until he was able to make the hot tag to SuperCena.

Cena then began his finishing routine on Rhodes, but was unable to hit the F-U thanks to DiBiase. After some chaos in the ring, Cena was left with Orton, with the others strewn about outside. Orton went for the punt, missed, and Cena got the roll-up pin.

Despite the fact that I thought this match was rather pathetic, I'm glad Cena won it in that style. If he had pinned Orton after a five-knuckle shuffle and F-U, I would have been pissed, but the roll-up sort of lessens the whole "superhero" attitude.

Shaquille O'Neal was announced as next week's guest host. I don't think I am going to  like it considering what I saw from ZZ Top. I understand that this will get more casual viewers, but celebrities don't really do it for the more dedicated fans. A Seth Green every now and then would be fine, but have the majority of the guest hosts be wrestlers. Or get a permanent GM.

Thanks for reading, and as usual, feedback is always appreciated.


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