American Christian's Tyreke Evans: What Will He Really Do For a Team?

Matthew RadomileContributor IMay 8, 2008

    Hands down, Tyreke Evans is one of the best scorers in the country. He possesses a scary arsenal of moves, and has displayed a lot of creativity in scoring the basketball. I once got out to see him play, and never had I seen basketball made to look so easy. Tyreke even seemed to be having an off game, but still finished with 33 points, and a win to go along with it.   

    Not to long ago, I found myself praying Tyreke would stay close to home and attend Villanova. It would have made my season tickets even more valuable. 

    Then I got to thinking, Evans is an unbelievable talent, but if you've ever watched him play you may take a look and notice his teammates- watching. I realized that if Tyreke wasn't surrounded by other D-1 prospects on his team, American Christian would be getting blown out. 

Sure, Tyreke Evans is very fun to watch, but I see a tremendous talent, and that's it. Although he has the ability, he tends to not involve his teammates. If the ball goes to him, odds are its going up, or hes going to dribble around until he gets his shot. 

I don't like to say it, and hopefully I am proved wrong, but Tyreke Evans is not the guy you want for TEAM basketball. Don't count of Memphis being a contender next year, count on the Tyreke Evans show. That will still be entertaining, but it's not what you want in the big picture. 

Evan's going to Villanova would disrupt a team chemistry that built over the last year, on a team graduation zero players. Memphis is the better fit. The Tigers developed an unorthodox style of play, one that Evan's will fit nicely into.

However, expect 40-50% of the shots coming from Evan's hands.  

 There is no doubt Tyreke Evans will be a star, but how much will he win? how will he incorporate his teammates? That is what makes the MVP (i.e. Kobe)