ESPN and Erin Andrews Are Now Facing the Monsters They Created.

winslowContributor IJuly 20, 2009

Please allow me to preface this article by saying that, I, too am greatly disturbed by the fact that the privacy of Erin Andrews, of ESPN, was violated by a pervert shooting video of her in the confines of her hotel suite.

That being said, allow me to move on to a much more pressing issue, that should be of equal or greater shame; but that has yet to draw nearly as much attention as it certainly deserves: Erin Andrews and ESPN are both just as guilty as the pervert behind the camera in this situation.

ESPN hired Andrews back in 2004, and immediately went to work establishing her as a “sex symbol.”   

Everything about Andrews from the tight and sleek clothing that highlighted her physical features, to the zoomed in camera shots that often appeared to “inadvertently" catch her in compromising positions that allowed perverts the world over to ogle over her, were routine features on each of her broadcasts.

I read an article recently that painted Andrews as a victim, and pointed out the fact that her male colleagues did not have to worry about issues such as being taped while walking around naked in their hotel rooms.

I would like to add two points to totally denounce the aforementioned article. Most of the men that work on ESPN actually hold their positions based upon intelligence, sports knowledge, and the ability to deliver a timely punchline from time-to-time.

Secondly, I just have a hard time imagining that Stuart Scott or any of the men working at ESPN prance around in their hotel rooms naked.  This entire story just reeks of foul play, and fits right in line with all of the other “hoopla” surrounding Erin Andrews.

Up until last week, I had never heard of Andrews, and my first introduction to her was a story that ran about “the hottest reporter on television,” getting hit in the face with a ball; followed by a series of close-ups of a variety of her body parts, caught on camera while covering sportscast.

ESPN created the monster that is Erin Andrews, and she “innocently” went along for the ride, from start to her unfortunate finish.  It is an insult to couch-hugging perverts throughout the country, for the network and Andrews to now turn on these animals, after feeding their starving sexual fantasies of Erin Andrews for the past five years.

Are we to believe that Erin Andrews was one of the most sought-after reporters in search engines because she knew so much about the Syracuse Lacrosse team, or that sports fans around the country simply could not construct their fantasy teams without first consulting the “final fantasy report,” by Erin Andrews?

The truth of the matter is, the sport’s network wanted lust-buckets to crave Erin Andrews, and ESPN has certainly had no little success in this endeavor. 

Unfortunately, what ESPN did not consider, was that there are no limitations on what can be expected once perverts actually do become affixed upon a single target.