What Is Your First WWE Expierence?

tim ogdenCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

Every WWE fan has one particular memory that is close their heart, one memory which introduced them to the world of professional wrestling. It is a moment that caused many of us to sit in front of our TV every Monday night and cheer for our heroes or scream at our favorite villains. I want to know what your first experience was, what caused you to become a fan of wrestling?

The year was 1993, the even was King of the Ring, and the place was Dayton, Ohio (my home town). The WWE had a very unique idea which was to have a tournament to see who the number one contender would be.

This tournament consisted of some of the best wrestling talent in the company: Bret Hart, Razor Ramon, Mr.Perfect, Lex Luger, BAM BAM Bigelow, Tatanka, and many more.

Even though the main event of this pay-per view was Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna, the true "Hart" and soul of this event was none other than Bret Hart. His matches were epic, heartfelt, emotional and well done. He proved he was the Best There is, The Best There was and The Best there ever will be.

We begin with Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon one of the great Heels in the WWE. This was a good match which allowed Razor to utilize the "dirty" part of his game and crush Bret Hart's fingers.

It is something you don't see any more, something as little as fingers caused Hart so much agony and pain you felt every strike to them. The match was well paced and executed. Bret Hart seemingly pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat.

The second match was Hart vs. Mr. Perfect. Many would say these two put on some of the most memorable matches in WWE history. Why? They were both sound technical wrestlers who worked tirelessly to be the best. They had a work ethic that was un-rivaled in the WWE.

While Hogan was the most popular, these two greats were undoubtedly the heart and soul of the business. The great thing about his match was the ability of Mr. Perfect to work on the injured fingers of Bret Hart and executed a variety of moves that we don't see to much of today...Drop Kicks, Figure Four Leg Lock, Headlocks and more. The match had drama and excitement.

The tired and exhausted Bret Hart looked to be out classed by the fresher Mr. Perfect. Harts legs were destroyed, his fingers battered but yet again Hart escaped using the "small package" to steal another victory!

The Third and most exciting match came when Hart took on the Beast from the East...Bam Bam Bigelow. The great set-up with this match was how Bam Bam didn't even have to wrestle in the second round because the Luger and Tatanka match ended in a tie! The drama was great.

Could a tired and beaten up Bret Hart even compete with Bam Bam? As the match started Bam Bam used his strength and size to overwhelm the injured Hart throwing him all over the ring. Hart would have yet another body part exploited which was his lower back; continually smashing his body against the ring causing serious damage to the proud superstar.

Every time Bam Bam slammed Hart the Audience gasped and went into silence. As Hart lay motionless outside the ring trying to summon enough energy to get up, Luna came running with a Steel chair smashing Bret across the back. He was then rolled into the ring, and left for dead.

Everyone in the arena began screaming as there hero was sideswiped by the tattooed freak....but the great Earl Hebner allowed the match to go on. Bam Bam was furious, the crowd was ecstatic, a small ray of hope gleamed from the heavens and Bret Hart used a “Victory roll” to seal one of his greatest moments.

I can't express in words how these matches made me a WWE addict. I fell in love with the drama, excitement, tension, action and energy of these matches. All three were executed to perfection.

It reminds me of a Great War movie. The movie allows for the tension to build until the very end when both armies attack each other.

The tension built in this event, allowing Bret Harts Final showdown with Bam Bam to be more than just a wrestling match, it became personal with the fans, it became and all time great moment in wrestling history but more importantly it became my moment, my introduction to this great product, it became my reason to be a fan.  

I can only hope that the new audience of the WWE can have a moment that they will remember forever a moment which shines brighter than all the others.