Adrian's Weekly Thoughts: Like the Summer, Wrestling Is Heating Up

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2009

Welcome Bleacher Report community to my first of many editions of Adrian's Weekly WWE Thoughts. I want to welcome everyone and talk about things that will talk about weekly.

I will talk about top stories going on in wrestling, a review of shows, and pick my superstar of the week, my loser of the week, the best match, worst match  and best show in my eyes and one thing I could possibly look forward to. Some other stuff will be biggest surprise, and plenty more.


Raw started pretty good with Seth making the main event with him in it, it was a good start to the show. The WWE Diva's match was as good as they looked as I got to see a quality match for the first time in a while.

Miz and Primo was a good match also and can't recall not having to see the big name wrestlers in every other match and watching the young talent shine as Miz is starting to grow on me from a wrestling standpoint as he is getting better.

On a side note, some people here in the community don't look forward to a Brother vs. Brother feud, but I could look forward to this one because of the talent that both Carilto and Primo have.

Swagger and MVP was a great match on Raw because you got to see the young talent shine on Raw and Swagger picking up a good victory.

Mark Henry is going to be a force on Raw, as he is making a impact on Raw as he gets another victory against a big named superstar.

Chavo and Hornswoggle match was my bathroom break, I am getting tired of watching a wrestler been used for comedy. Don't get me wrong, I love comedy in wrestling but they use it to much.

I enjoyed watching Evan Bourne on Raw in his first match but was a little scared when he landed on his neck but felt better when he got up.

On a side note, I liked the aggression that came from Kofi after that match, showing me a serious side to him. The Main Event for me was all right, it could have been better with one of the three superstars building the advantage going into Night of Champions.

Raw overall was 50/50, it could have been a lot better but it was good enough to stay tuned in.

I am really looking forward to Night of Champions with the Main Event in Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena.


The opening match to ECW was very good. Shelton vs. Christian was a great match and Shelton picking up the win made it that much better, as he needed the momentum.

Kozlov doing to commentary was fun to listen to as well, since his strong performance at the announcers' desk was a pleasant surprise.

Another plot I'll be watching is that involving Brian Kendrick's former "associate," Ezekiel Jackson. He has a strong upside going forward and his matches should be interesting...hopefully with bigger implications down the line.

New Superstar Initiative doesn't look bad with Yoshi, Tyler Reks, and Seamus and having a funny type guy with Washington. I wonder who else will be coming up in the so called "Land of Extreme."

Goldust made his debut on ECW against the one and only Zack Ryder and what can I say about this guy from Long Island, from some odd reason I like what the WWE is doing with one half of the most boring tag teams I had seen in recent years.

I really am like what they are doing with Helms as I am looking forward for him to make a much deserved push in the "Land of the Somewhat Extreme". The main event was good and as we know, Vince is big on Kozlov as he gets the victory.

ECW overall was not bad as it had a great match to open the show, but could have been a better ending.

WWE Superstars

The show was ok overall but could have been much better as Cryme Tyme would get the victory of the Hart Dynasty, Brie Bella beating Katie Lea Burchill, and Big Show getting a big victory over the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston.


SmackDown had a good opening with the promo, as I like how the WWE is slowing turning Punk into a heel. What can I say about Morrison and Punk, what a great match one of my favorites I have seen a while.

John Morrison is becoming one of my favorite wrestler in the WWE today...Ricky Ortiz well, Enough Said.

Cryme Tyme with Jesse aka Slam Master J was real funny and I like that they found something for Jesse after they split up the tag team. I had seen something I hadn't seen in a while from Kane, an upside.

Kane has been always underrated and it was good to see him in a good match with R-Truth with him getting the victory. On a side note, people are cheering for Great Khali.

Pretty Ricky is funny as I haven't really seen outdoor promo's like I have seen lately like they used to do back in the day. The Hart Dynasty looked impressive in the mix tag match and I like the future of the Hart Dynasty.

Mark my words, Dolph Ziggler is the next big thing coming in SmackDown as I like that they are also giving him a manger.

The Edge interview was something I looked forward to all night; I can't wait for him to come back and I hoping it as a fan favorite.

I hope WWE builds him up the right way when he comes back. It's good to hear the fans cheering for Edge as they have been lately.

The Main Event was good and Ziggler made it great with the attitude and the IT factor that he brings to SmackDown and the time he got to shine in the main event.

I think SmackDown was great in my eyes and am looking forward to next week.

My Superstar of the Week is John Morrison, as he gets a big victory over the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk.

My Loser of the Week is sadly Chavo Guerrero as he is the joke of the WWE right now with another loss to Hornswoggle.

Best Match: John Morrison vs CM Punk SmackDown 7/19/09

Worst Match: Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero 7/14/09

Best Show: SmackDown

In TNA news, they had their PPV last night, and it was mostly predictable with every Main Event Mafia winning all the titles except the X-Division Champonship. I wouldn't be shocked to see another member added so they can get that title, too.

Taz made his debut as Samoa Joe's advisor. Bobby Lashley will debut on Impact this Thursday, and I will be looking forward to see what happens on Impact.

Things to look forward to for Next Week:

Raw: What will be the build up going into Night of Champions, what will ZZ Top do make the show worth watching, and will we have a winner in this week's main event?

ECW: Will the Land of the Extreme get better with every week that passes, and who will shine on this week's show?

SmackDown: What will Dolph Ziggler be up to this week, and will John Morrison get a title shot or not?

Until next week for the Night of Champions Edition, thanks for reading....don't forget to rate and comment...God Bless


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