Strikeforce C.E.O Scott Coker Delivers

Brian OswaldMMA Editor July 20, 2009

In a previous interview conducted with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, he spoke about his vision for what a Strikeforce fight card would look like.
"We would like to hearken back to the old PRIDE days when you used to see a lot of big fights in one night. Not just a headliner and four okay fights. That is what we want to get back to. When a fan can come in, pay as little as $30 to get into the stadium, and see five superstar fights. I think that everyone would like to see that."
It looks like Scott Coker is making good on his promise.

Not only can you get a ticket for the August 15 fight card starting at $30, but the current lineup for the show in San Jose includes a major-promotion record four title fights.
Instead of spreading those title fights out over the course of several events, the main card is being stacked with a heavyweight, welterweight, and lightweight title fight to go along with a woman’s title fight—the first ever to headline a major MMA show.
Some will say it’s a necessary thing for Strikeforce to do if they want to stay competitive with the UFC from a marketability standpoint. It's no secret that Strikeforce cannot currently compete when it comes to comparing the talent and star power from the respective organizational rosters.
Be that as it may, it’s encouraging to see such a show being put together. Whether or not Strikeforce is able to maintain this trend will be the intriguing part. Their willingness to co-promote with other organizations certainly helps in that respect.
An interim middleweight title fight featuring Jake Shields and a light heavyweight title fight featuring current champion Renato Sobral are considerations for a potential October show. Finding the right opponents will be critical to keep momentum going.
It will be impossible to maintain a pace of four title fights per show which is why it is critical for Strikeforce to bring and build up talent to their promotion. While Strikeforce has its work cut out for itself, having a man like Scott Coker at the helm allows MMA fans to be optimistic for the future.