Is Tony Eury Jr. Making Excuses for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

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Is Tony Eury Jr. Making Excuses for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
(Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR)

You have all heard the recent comments made by Tony Eury Jr.

For those who haven't, he said; "I think you guys put so much pressure on him after Daytona that Dale Jr. just basically had enough, if you want to get down to it. We went to Daytona and had a shot at winning that race, had some problems on pit road. But we ain't going to slam Dale Jr. We're going to pick him up and say let's go to Vegas; we went to California and blew up.

"There's two negative weeks and you guys were all over him and just brought him down. We didn't have a strong enough finish to bring him back up. Every week the hole gets deeper and deeper and deeper."

The writers who have an obvious bias against Earnhardt are now suggesting that making excuses is part of his problem. I would challenge any of those "writers" to show me an example of Dale Earnhardt Jr. making an excuse.

A few of the less than professional writers have tried to twist around his comments about Daytona being slippery because of recent flooding. These writers have tried to make his comments into excuses for not running well. Well, Earnhardt never said he didn't win because the track is too slippery.

Getting back to Eury's comments, it might be better if he kept some thoughts to himself. As much as he loves his cousin and wants to defend him, it gives the green light to the media to assume that Dale Jr. feels the same way.

Nascar drivers have to maintain an image at all times, and one of their pet peeves is to never be thought of as a crybaby or whiner. So I'm guessing that Dale Jr. didn't really appreciate Eury Jr. blaming the pressure from the media as a reason for not winning.

Whether or not Eury's comments reflect how Earnhardt truly fears, its clear that Dale Jr. is human. And as a human being, eventually he will break under the pressure. The amount of pressure that he has endured already is enough to make any man lose his mind.

Reading between the lines of Tony Eury Jr.'s comments, I wonder if maybe he was the one who wilted from the pressure. Which is perfectly understandable. But maybe in the future, Eury can just keep his comments to himself and miles away from his cousin, Dale Jr.

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