DEBATE: Should Vick Play In The NFL?

Caleb R.Contributor IJuly 20, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 31:  Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons looks to pass against the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL action December 31, 2006 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles won 24-17.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Okay, today, guys, we've got a debate with new rules since it's a new season. Remember, our starters are: Caleb, Tyler, Chase, And, Of, Course, Pat. And on the bench we have a few celebrities (The Saliva guitarists, remember that this is actually real and none of these people are made up.): Dylan, Ryan W., Jonathan M. (Of Saliva), And Wayne S. (Also Of Saliva). We have a preaseason, now, so this is how it works: Each starter is challenged by someone who started the season out on the bench. If the benchie wins, he/she is a starter, if they lose, they remain on the bench. So, today, is, Pat Versus Dylan. Okay, guys, the gloves are off, now, and these two battle it out.

Pat Says Yes: He did a crime and he payed for it. It's done and over with, now. If Ray Lewis killed a man, and Ricky Williams got let back into the league, then why shouldn't Vick? I never liked the guy, but, I never disliked him, either. He wasn't my quarterback of choice, but come on, Goodell, be a man and let him back in. And my message to P.E.T.A. is: You better not protest whoever is brave enough to bring him back in, or I will be pissed. It is insane if you do. Ray Lewis committed A MURDER and you re-enstated him!! Now, you best just leave it alone, freaks. P.S.: I'll be pissed, anyways.

Dylan Says No: I get what you're saying but it was a different world and league back then. Now, to keep the P.E.T.A. freaks away from your team, you have to play it smart and leave him alone, here. But, in the case that you do sign him, your merchandise and everything else gets boycotted and your team's marketing goes down the friggin' toilet. Oh, and, P.S.: I love my dog.

Strong arguments from both of them. But the winner is the one that has had the strongest argument in this league's two seasons, and that winner is........ Pat.