How Do You End The Illustrious Career Of HBK?

D-KwikContributor IJuly 20, 2009

Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid, The Showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, this man goes by many names but one fits him most, Legend.

HBK has been around for a long time and has done everything there is to do in this business. Now that the clock is ticking, what is he to do?

Shawn is still in incredible shape but that's just not enough, with a list of injuries it's hard to say that HBK will be around for another 5 years.

Time is running out on this legend but how do we send him off of the WWE? How bout if he loses one more match he has to retire. Oh wait, Ric Flair already got that treatment.

Ok so now what? I'll tell you my idea on how the Heart Break Kid should go out.

Now my whole idea is completely fictitious, this is in no way how Shawn will retire, and if anybody has a comment good or bad leave it on the comment box.

Royal Rumble

Let me keep you up to speed on this, Randy Orton is still champion and Legacy is still in tact. (See it's fake because by Royal Rumble Legacy will be no more) HBK is in the rumble along with Triple H.

Shawn comes out number 1. Triple H comes out number 5. They both clean house so to speak, and really don't get near each other.

Fast forward to almost the closing of the match. Triple H, HBK, MVP, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho are still in the match.

There is still one more superstar to come in, the Big Show, now every guy in the ring stops fighting because they know the big man is gonna need all of the talent to get him over the ropes, it's nature, and history.

Anyways, Show comes in and gets bombarded by the superstars only to beat them all off. He eliminates MVP, Morrison & Ziggler, leaving Y2J, HHH, & HBK still in the ring.

They try ganging up on the Big Show once more and almost get him over the ropes but  do not succeed.

Big Show throws out Jericho. This is it, DX vs. The Big Show, Shawn & Hunter both look at each other and smile, then the attack Show with everything they got.

DX lowers the rope while Big Show lunges at them, leaving Show out of the ring and on the ground therefore eliminated.

It's down to The Game & The Heart Break Kid, mano y mano, Let's say the crowd is very excited and it is almost like the showdown between Taker & Michaels a few years back.

They eliminate each other, one ref says Shawn won the other says Triple H won. The Pay-Per-View goes off the air with lots of confusion.

The next night on Raw, Vince comes out and talks about the finish at the Rumble. He figures neither of them lost and says that at Wrestlemania it will be a Triple Threat match between Orton, Hbk, & HHH for the WWE Championship.

Orton's music hits, He comes out. " Are you kidding me Vince? They are both washed up hacks that don't even belong in the same building let alone the same ring with me. I've beaten both countless times, and now I have to do it again?"

Vince- "Well, ok you're right, you have beaten these two many of times which means that it will be a cake walk for "The Legend Killer", am i right?"Orton nods his head in agreement. " Alright since it will be so easy then why wait til Wrestlemania? Let's do it at No way Out. Haha happy now... champ?"

Skip through the next couple of Raws on to the last Monday Night Raw before No Way Out.

Shawn Michaels comes out and says that win lose or draw, this sunday will be his last match.

The crowd boos uncontrollably, they can not believe what they heard.

No Way Out

Shawn's last match, the match gets started by Shawn and Hunter beating the holy hell out of Orton. They keep trying to one up each other.

They finally throw Orton out of the ring and go at it head to head, great counters from both men and keeps the action going back and forth.

The crowd is split down the middle chanting for both superstars. Orton gets back in the ring and attacks them.

Randy has the match back in his favor and does pretty much control it. Signature moves from all 3 superstars occur. Then look out the RKO! Orton plants Shawn on the mat.

He turns to HHH and slithers his way stalking him as if he were his prey. He measures him up and then goes for the RKO but it's blocked and he gets shoved away right into a Sweet Chin Music!

This appears to be Shawn's last breath and he collapse down to the mat, while Orton is still on his feet only to be dropped by a pedigree.

Triple H doesn't go for the cover and keeps looking at Michaels, maybe he is considering that this is his last match but what is he going to do.

Hunter walks over to Shawn and drags him on top of Orton, 1,2,3. The match is over and the winner and NEW WWE Champion is Shawn Michaels.

HBK is stunned and doesn't know what happened. He looks to HHH who is on his knees and is bowing to Shawn.

The Pay-Per-View goes off the air with Michaels & Hunter celebrating.

The next night on Raw, Michaels comes out, Huge pop for HBK. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. "Now like I said, last night was my final match." Boos from the crowd. "But after much consideration and Triple H's decision I though ehh what the hell, I'll stick around a little while longer, seems how I am the N-E-W WWE champion and all...

Orotn interrupts, " New cahmpion? You stole it from me, if it wasn't for your buddy Triple H you would have never won"

HBK- " Well this is true but you still would have been beaten. I'm pretty sure you were on the ground all limp and Hunter could have gotten the win anyways. So you would still be without this her title, regardless."

Orton- "Even though I lost, I still have a rematch clause and I'm using it at Wrestlemania. I also have a stipulation for you as well. See if you win you are still WWE champion and I will leave Raw, for good. But If you lose, you have to retire."

Shawn accepts the challenge but is then interrupted by The Game. HHH says " If there's anyone that should face Shawn at Wrestlemania, then you're looking at him."

Orton- " Ya know what fine Hunter, We'll have a Match tonight to decide who puts the Has Been Kid out of his misery."

It's official whoever wins Orton/HHH wins the right to face HBK at Mania, and the stipulation still goes.


Fast forward to the main event, HBK vs...... Triple H ( Now come on if this was real, who would be the only person that should face Shawn and retire him, that's right HHH)

Both superstars square off, they meet in the center of the ring with a handshake and a hug.

The bell rings and this match is under way. They start of with a tie up and some traditional wrestling moves.

The Crowd is cheering more for Shawn then Hunter, Michaels gets behind the crowd and gets fired up.

Shawn hits a couple of right hands, then an atomic drop followed by a scoop slam. You know what this means, HBK is going for the elbow!

Shawn gets on the top rope but HHH gets up and follows. Hunter hits a big superplex off the top rope.

Both men down in the center of the ring. The ref is up to an 8 count when they get back to there feet.

The trade right hands, back and forth, until Michaels goes for the SCM but is countered into a AA spinebuster. Trips goes for the cover but only gets a two count.

The crowd is still chering for HBK, who once again gets behind the crowd and build up momentum.

Shawn finally hits the elbow and then signals for some SCm by tuning up the band, he hits it dead on and goes for the cover, 1,2... kick out.

Michaels is stunned and goes for a second SCM, this is countered into a pedigree, but just like Shawn, Hunter only gets a two count as well.

Both men are completely exhausted, when HBK hits the SCM out of nowhere, Hunter lands by the rope.

Shawn goes for the cover and The Game puts his foot on the rope. Michaels is livid, and gets up once again to tune up the band but is once again countered into a pedigree.

Triple H is hesitant about going for the cover, but does and picks up the win. Winner and new WWE Champion Triple H.

After the match, Hunter is in tears, as is Shawn. They both hug and celebrate. The crowd is cheering for Shawn and Hunter is bowing to HBK, as is the crowd.

The crowd begins to chant "Thank You Shawn, Thank You Shawn"

Shawn Michaels' music hits and he walks up the ramp for the last time...