New York Giants Make the Annual Super Bowl Champion Visit to the White House

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMay 8, 2008

Recently the New York Giants made the annual White House visit that every Super Bowl team, and pretty much every champion in every professional sport gets to make.  Which got me wondering?  With all the visits by all these teams, does it ever get redundant for the President to have to meet these teams?  Furthermore, what if he’s not a fan of them.  Being that Bush is from Texas, I would assume he’s a Cowboys fan.  If that’s true, wouldn’t the New York Giants be the last team he’d want coming into his “house.”  His motto has always been “Don’t mess with Texas.”  Well, the Giants did more than that in the playoffs.

What if the President said that he did not want the team to visit, perhaps because he lost a bet with Dick Cheney on the game?  Sure he’s the President, but he may also be a sports fan.  And being a sports fan means not only liking a team, but also hating at least one more.  I’m sure there’s been a time when the President has just gone through the motions and faked enthusiasm for having that team around him.  It would also be a perfect time to slip something in their meals or drinks that they have at the White House that could make them ill and have trouble getting ready for minicamp.

In addition, what if one of the players had different political views than those of the President?  I wonder if any player has ever turned down an invitation to the White House.  Or maybe the President would invite the whole team, minus one of two outspoken players.  It’s too bad he wasn’t President during the Cowboys dynasty of the 90’s when he could have had some players maybe bring some of their own cocaine to share with the commander in chief.

In this era of free agency and trades, every team loses a significant player during the offseason, and champions are no different.  I assume that the whole team that won the title gets to go, but wouldn’t that be a little awkward to hang with the guys you just deserted?

Another tradition is giving the President his own jersey.  I wonder if he ever wears any of them.  And if someone ever saw him wearing them, they might accuse him of being a front runner since he’d be wearing so many different jerseys, and all of them of recent winners.  What happens when a team repeats?  Does he get another jersey?  Maybe instead of the home uniform, he’ll get the road one this time?

Well, with Bush leaving the White House after this year, the Giants are the last Super Bowl team he’ll get to meet.  Next year, it would be interesting to see Hilary Clinton greeting a sports team and congratulate them on winning the Super Series Championship and hitting all those touch runs.  That brings up another question.  If a woman was President, does that mean they’d start inviting champions from women’s sports?  Nah, even a woman President wouldn’t care about them.