The NFL Offseason for Football Junkies

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

Football is, no doubt, the greatest sport in the world. The aggressiveness attached to it is phenomenal, and the emotions a fan can feel while watching a football game are just incomparable.


The quality and appeal of the sport leads to a huge fan base, and, as in any other thing of such dimension, a few junkies, who basically live to follow/play/discuss/write about the game.


So when the football season is over, these football junkies enter a series of steps that guide their lives emotionally through the next eight months.



Step One—Denial


When the Super Bowl ends, these junkies are usually in a frenzy of adrenaline that keeps them from realizing that football season is over, and they will have to wait eight months for the NFL to start again.


On Monday morning, when they wake up and avoid facing that tough fact, instead fooling themselves by thinking that the Pro Bowl is still to come, and therefore football is not over yet.


This step ends usually midway through the Pro Bowl, when they realize this game is worth nothing and they indeed have to wait eight months to watch real football again.



Step Two—Anger


Once football junkies accept the fact there's “no football for the next semester,” a sense of sadness and awareness take over. At first they get nostalgic over the season that just came to an end, but past a few weeks, the anger starts to take over.


The absence of football is just too much to take. This is usually the time when these guys start tackling random people. Like “Hi honey, I missed you so much... BOOM!!” the girlfriend is down.


These guys get so desperate that they even try to watch Arena Football, but this only irritates them more, and the tackling of random people reaches its peak.


This step usually comes to an end around the start of the free agency period.



Step Three—Anxiety


After around a month of free agency signings to cover, and the NFL Draft to occupy their minds, an urging feeling of anxiety blossoms. At this point, all these guys want is to see their teams play.


They've already done their homework, thinking of solutions for their teams (and for all the other 31 teams, as a matter of fact), and studied all there is to know about their rookies and free agent signings, and are now extremely hungry for football.


This anxiety is unstoppable, and there are not enough old NFL games to bring calmness to the junkies’ minds. When the teams start their training camps, while they keep busy, the anxiety kicks up even more.


The end of this phase is always in the first weekend of August.



Step Four—Relief


The preseason has started. Although nothing is at stake, at least the teams are playing, and the rookies and backups are trying to show their value, so the anxiety is relieved.


The problems begin around after the second week of preseason. The starting QBs plays less now, as do the starting running backs. Although there is enough action to keep everyone busy, it isn’t real football.


The anxiety kicks up in the week before the start of the season, leading to the end of Step Four.



Step Five—Redemption


Football season has began, and now it’s nothing but sheer joy of the game. An overdose of adrenaline and testosterone on a weekly basis. This is the time of the year when football junkies usually carry a silly smirk around.


When people ask, “What are you smiling about?” they don’t even know how to answer, as it is too complicated.


The only problem of this phase is that it ends every year, and, thus, us football addicts enter this sick cycle carousel all over again...