Implications of This Weekend's Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix

Savraj DhalayContributor IJuly 20, 2009

This weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix should gives us a clearer indication of which car in terms of performance is fastest between Brawn GP's car and Red Bull Racing's car. Brawn Grand Prix essentially dominated up until Silverstone, when Red Bull took a major step foward.

Ross Brawn and Jenson Button have often spoke how the cold tire temperature's of Silverstone and Nurburgring greatly affected the performance of the car; however, this weekend we will see just how much of Red Bull's advantage is down to tire temperature because this weekend it is expected to be extremely hot in Hungary.

Brawn Grand Prix have perhaps down-played their performance defit in order to gain a psychological advantage over Red Bull Racing. However, in a sport of bragging and posturing, it is unlikely to deter Red Bull from progressing even further to new heights.

If there is one weakness about the Red Bull car, it appears to me that the car's electronics are very sensitive to bumps and kerbs. At Silverstone in practice, the engine in Webber's car shut down after running wide over a bump and in Germany Vettel's engine automatically shut down after hitting a bump in practice one.

And Webber reduced his pace in the closing stages of the German Grand Prix in order to ensure that no components broke. Around the Hungaroring, drivers use a lot of kerbing and they also do in Spa. So therefore after this weekend, we shall see if this sensitivity over the kerbs will hinder Red Bull's championship aspirations after this weekend.

Brawn Grand Prix have new updates this weekend, however one has to question how far Brawn Grand Prix can progress without much funding...

With Mclaren and Ferrari closing in at rapid pace, both of these teams currently leading in Formula One must be wary of the threat of the two most famous teams in F1. Off the start line with their KERS systems, they could make up a lot of positions and ruin faster cars entire races, given how overtaking is tricky.

Lewis Hamilton may be in good form again this weekend, with a car that is improving but still lacking downforce. The lack of fast corners on this circuit should help Mclaren-Mercedes. After all at Monaco, a circuit with a similar layout to the Hungaroring Hamilton, was extremely quick even without many updates to the car.

Lastly, Jaime Alguersuari will replace Bourdais at Scuderia Toro Rosso. It is always interesting to see how a new driver performs in Formula One, because for him it will be vastly different compared to what he is used to. Enjoy the Hungarian Grand Prix, and what could be an important race in determining the rest of the F1 season as many teams bring their last major upgrades and switch of their development and turn their attention to their 2010 challengers.