Ian Halperin's New Book Half Way

Mindy JamesContributor IJuly 20, 2009

Just something that stood out to me in the new unauthorized Michael Jackson biography, making obvious why every time it is discussed it is referred to as "unauthorized". I will skip through the 108 pages which give or take deal with the 1993 child molestation charges, and  while disproving those claims go on to plant other seeds about  some familiar media faces, Diane Diamond particular. Halperin seems to have a genuine dislike for ex-Hard Copy reporter, now Court TV broadcaster, and many other people quite frankly. Throughout the personal and professional attacks on several people, around page 109 he begins a new crusade, Scientology, mocking the church and the creator, L. Ron Hubbard. As he writes about the arranged marriage of Michael Jackson to Lisa Marie Presley, an attempt to lock Jackson as a member in the church he says. Once they could have gotten him as a member it would have been for life, like John Travolta who he says the church of Scientology has so much dirt on that he is unable to leave for fear of public humiliation. Ironically, he he also talks about the churches promise to cure homosexuals, which is what likely would've tempted Jackson to contemplate membership, although he never joined. All of the while, beginning to end, Ian Helperin continuously promotes everything from books  and documentaries he has done, is working on, and is planning shamelessly. Talk about a hanger on. On page 146 an interesting quote grabbed my eye, " "?From the reliable information provided by both his supporters and his detractors, there was reason to believe Michael Jackson was a liar". The reason this really got me was that it was followed by the ever popular talk about "Mr. Jackson's appearance and how it did in fact change ver the years. On page 148 he goes on to quote things former employees had said about the "bleaching" cream they had saw their former boss using, Benoquin, or Monobenzone, as it's also referred to. So i decided to look this medication up , i found it quite easily, it is not a "skin bleaching" agent as Ian Halperin's new book "Unmask The final years of Michael Jackson"  makes claims it is on page 149. In fact, surprise if you type in "benoquin" to a search engine online and click the first results you'll find that benoquin is a cream prescribed by doctors, mostly dermatologist, for the skin condition known as vitaligo. Vitaligo being the permanent depigmenting, or lightening, of  areas of skins in patches. Vitaligo looks especially odd when it occurs to  people of  Any natural 'darker'  skin tone opposed to lighter fairer skin people because it is much more obvious. Benoquin is a topical agent used to help even out  the coloring and appearance of the skin, just as stated by Michael Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, after Mr. Jackson's death on Larry King Live. Benoquin is specifically listed as not being for thr treatment of any other pigmentation disorders not caused by vitiligo!  According to the warnings for the medication in fact you should not use it on areas not affected by vitiligo, and also as Dr. Klein stated, skin treated with this medication may be especially sensitive to sunlight or irritation for the rest of the patients life and sunburn may more easily result.Nor is it for use in treatment of melanoma, which was something Jackson was reported to be suffering from by The sun in May 2009, according also to page 149 of Halperin's book.  Eldopaque  is another topical cream mentioned on page 149, just like that, in one sentence. There's a reason the book only contains one sentence to do with eldopaque, it simply states in '04 investigators seized Mr. Jackson's personal things from a warehouse in New Jersey, among all of the stuff that was taken was 2 tubes of eldopaque. There is no further information such as who prescibed these, if they were indeed prescibed, they may have been 2 small professional size samples given to Jackson at some point. Not too mention, that  by Mr. Jackson's own account in the interview with Oprah, in '93  the Vitiligo began between his "Thriller" & "Off The wall" albums, and by now everyone has likely seen the photos taken during the '03 raid of his Neverland ranch which gave the world a look into just what an incredible pack rat Michael Jackson was, so in all honesty who is to say at what stages in his vitiligo he was given those two tubes of medication? Vitiligo was likely not the easiest diagnosis to get when it began for Jackson and frankly there were easily doctors that had no idea what they were looking at i'm sure in the earlier part of the '80's, there are doctors today that would be baffled at the beginning stages of vitiligo. Eldopaque, for an African American patient  may well have been one of the early defenses, although from the description it is used to lighten dark areas, like maybe it would be a better defense for a lighter person with vitiligo. But as i stated, Halperin mentions it in one sentence which doesn't explain the use of the medication at all.I also found it interesting that the medication most talked about used to "bleach his skin"  benoquin, also not at all explained correctly that is, only actually corroborates Dr. Arnold Klein's Statements from his Larry King Live appearance. For a "liar" he was telling the truth about his skin condition as far back as 1993 in the interview with Oprah. Am i wrong, or isn't that an uncommon trait of someone you would term a "liar"?
Check back soon for part 2 of the review of  Ian Halperin's new book "Unmask The final years of Michael Jackson"