Arsenal: A Polarising Insititution

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

LONDON - JULY 20:  An Arsenal fan takes a picture of anotehr fan outside the new Emirates Stadium during an Arsenal Training and Emirates Stadium Open Day at the Emirates Stadium on July 20, 2006, in London, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Can anyone name me a football club more polarising than this North London Club?

With Arsenal it seems, fans or neutrals alike, either love the team completely or hate the club whole-heartedly. If you don't believe me, take a quick look at the club blogs or various fan websites, you'll see what I mean.

Even here on Bleacher Report, never a day passes where an Arsenal based article doesn't ignite heated debate. Some debates on B/R, unfortunately, have escalated to name calling and personal attacks. Although that is regrettable it perfectly illustrates my point.  

Fans, the media, and "neutrals" always have an opinion about Arsenal; and I suppose with Arsenal being a prominent European club, that is to be expected. The media, who are supposed to be an objective conveyor of information always seem to give Arsenal a hard time. Even North American programmes like; ESPN, Soccernet, and Press Pass, find it almost impossible to be objective when it comes to Arsenal.

But why is that the case?

Why is it that Arsenal, a team so heavily underachieving for several seasons, remains such an intriguing topic for football fans? Why is it other European super teams are never dissected to such a degree?

The club seems to be always on the defensive, having to constantly explain their business practices and recruitment of new players; hell some people have also called into question some of the halftime servings!

Still. I ask, why?

Could it be because, the playing staff is not predominately English? But that would not be fair, seeing that neither Chelsea, Liverpool, or indeed Man Utd are predominately English. Could it be because the manager is foreign? Not likely. Again the above logic applies.

Could it be then that the club has failed to win anything recently? Perhaps. However, prior to Jose Mourinho arriving at Chelsea, they weren't exactly setting the world on fire. And even then, they were not being discussed so extensively.

No other member of the so-called big four manages to ignite so much excitement, derision, criticising, debate, and applauding all in equal measure quite like the Gunners.

But why?