Peepulation Speaks: Why the Peeps Are Right About Christian

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

Having read articles on B/R stating that either Christian is destined for mid-card obscurity, undeserving of a main event push, or simply not World Title material, I was left to ponder why these "Peeps" (have to love that term) were compelled to think this way.

After having ideas twist and twirl their way around the complexities of the machine known only as Captain Charisma's brain, I decided to rebuke these claims in a way that felt poetic: through a B/R article.

First and foremost, I must address the common misconception that Christian is indeed not, or never will be, a World Champion—he's a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and former ECW Champion (no matter how much prestige it's lost, it's still considered a World Title).

The question mark only remains over whether Captain Charisma will ever win the either of the "Big Two" belts in the WWE: the WWE Championship, or the World Heavyweight Championship.

In my eyes, he has all the attributes in order to win either of the two belts.

A World Champion, or someone that is to be considered World Title material, has to have certain characteristics: the main ones being in-ring ability, mic skills, connection with the crowds, and a certain "it" factor.

Sure enough, Christian has all of these characteristics in abundance.

In-Ring Ability

Christian ticks all the boxes for this category. He is regarded as one of the best workers in the WWE, and rightfully so—his move-set is one of the best in the business, combining mat-wrestling with high-impact moves successfully.

The only question mark remains over his finisher—the Killswitch. While I personally see no problem with this as a finishing move, it has to be said that it's easy to counter, and it takes time to set the opponent up.

However, there is no denying the impact that it has once it has been executed, and it's more realistic than some other finishers in the WWE, i.e. Edge's spear.

His ring psychology is impeccable, as is his story-telling and selling. All these attributes ensure that Captain Charisma is one of the best in the ring today.

In conclusion, Christian has all the in-ring ability needed to become a World Champion in the WWE, but this factor alone does not make a wrestler World Title material.

If it did, Shelton Benjamin would be a multi-time WWE Champion by now and AkD or fellow "followers of the Standard" wouldn't have to do the campaigning that they do for The Gold Standard.

The next category, however, is why Shelton Benjamin has not been able to make the step up, although he has improved in this regard over the past months.

Mic Skills

There is absolutely no question about this one—a natural on the mic, Christian passes through this stage with flying colors.

He's able to deliver humorous or intense promos, and also to draw the audience into the situation. As such, Captain Charisma has to be regarded as one of the best on the mic in the WWE.

Here are a few examples of Christian's promos, both from TNA and WWE. After watching these, I find it hard for anyone to disagree with my comments:

Christian, Tomko and Ric Flair backstage:

Christian talks to Vince McMahon:

Christian greeted by fans in Birmingham:

Christian Cage promo on Rhino:

Christian Coaltion Backstage:

Connection with the crowd

There's no doubting that Christian is over with the crowd. That being said, I'll be the first to admit that in 2005, he was way more over than he is now. That can be due to a number of factors, the biggest one being that the fans loved the Captain Charisma, cocky heel gimmick. I mean, who didn't? 

However, Christian is still getting good pops at shows—pops that are greater than those that Edge used to get when he was a face circa-2004. I have heard some of my fellow B/R writers say that Christian doesn’t get the crowd involved in his matches, but I have to disagree.

In his bout against Shelton Benjamin on last week's ECW, Christian got the crowd into the match pre-bout by playing to the fans and getting them involved.

This showed throughout the encounter, especially when Kozlov interrupted, which gave Shelton Benjamin the opportunity to kick C-Squared onto the apron, thus engineering a collective groan from the audience.

To sum-up, Christian is indeed over with the crowd and has a connection with them that makes him World Title material.

The "It" Factor

This is something that can't be trained or learned; it's something that some wrestlers naturally have, and others just don't. Christian can firmly be placed in the former category. I mean, they don't call him Captain Charisma for nothing!

Christian exudes confidence and charisma. He has that aura that makes him stand out from the norm; it's an aura that a World Champion should have that makes him No. 1 in the business today.

This factor makes the fans want to see a wrestler, it makes the fans watch drivel for 90 minutes just so they can see this wrestler in the main event.


When it comes to whether Christian is indeed capable of winning either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship, the simple answer is this—yes he is.

He has all the attributes needed to not only become World Champion, but to be a successful one.

Only time will tell whether Vince McMahon does what he should have done back in 2005, when Captain Charisma was one of the most intriguing superstars in the WWE.

When—not if—that day occurs, the Christian Coalition will celebrate in droves on the streets that The Pontiff of the Peepulation (a term dubbed on Christian by Matt Striker, in case any of you are wondering) has fulfilled his destiny, and is finally the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

And to quote from Christian himself; "If you don't know...NOW YOU KNOW!"

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