Samuel Eto'o vs. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Khalid KhanCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

PALO ALTO, CA - JULY 19:  Zlatan Ibrahimovic #10 of Inter Milan looks on against Club America during the World Football Challenge at Stanford Stadium on July 19, 2009 in Palo Alto, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Last week Spanish and Italian media reported of a deal worth €40 million between Inter Milan and Barcelona for services of Ibrahimovic with Samuel Eto’o and Aleksandr Hleb going to other way.

It is troubling for many as to why would Barcelona commit to that €40 million deal for Ibrahimovic when they can get David Villa for €50 million and save Eto’o and Aleksandr Hleb for separate sale transactions.

Of course, Mourinho's interest in Eto'o may have gone some way toward convincing Inter of selling Ibrahimovic but it means Eto'o will be saving only €10 million in sale for Barcelona when compared to Villa deal with Valencia. Is Eto'o worth that little (Man City were willing to pay more) even with one year remaining on his contract?

Villa would have been an easier-fit and a top performer in big games against big teams.

Rumors circulating around say that only Eto‘o wage demand of €10 million is hindering progress on the deal going ahead with Inter Milan.

This comes after Eto’o refused the two-year contract extension offer. Part of the reason behind that might be greed as to why would a player wants to leave Barcelona when other players would grab onto any opportunity to get in.

When all things are considered, best solution right now would be for Barcelona and Eto’o to reach a solution on future contract and wages. Such a solution would be good for both parties concerned.

Barcelona will get to save money on purchase of another striker, whom (namely Ibrahimovic) may in turn, need time to adjust at Nou Camp as illustrated by Thierry Henry’s example.

Eto’o will get to stay with a top club instead of searching for a club willing to pay big bucks in wages and missing possible future silverware with, at present, arguably the world's best soccer club.

Ibrahimovic, in spite of his talent, has his strong critics who would tell you that he is not a performer when it comes to playing against top opponents and that his presence on the soccer field becomes noticeably inconspicuous.

In that respect, Eto’o is definitely a big match player able to score consistently in high-stakes games. Eto'o is a measured commodity in La Liga and CL.