NHL 2010's Special Additions That Are Sure To Be Better Than Call of Duty

Matt ShottContributor IJuly 20, 2009

DETROIT - MAY 27:  Patrick Kane #88 of the Chicago Blackhawks looks on against the Detroit Red Wings during Game Five of the Western Conference Championship Round of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs on May 27, 2009 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

One of the most anticipated video games of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2(CODMW2), recently attempted to increase its “buzz” by also releasing its special Prestige Edition.

The special part about Prestige Edition is that it will include a set of fully working night vision goggles, and only for the small price of $150. (Don’t worry, the game is included too.)

With the previews for NHL ’10 already pumping my adrenaline, I figured I would look at some options for add-ons included with the NHL ’10 video game to get more hype. Here are the list of 10 items NHL ’10 could include to compete with CODMW2:

1.  Patrick Kane Edition; included is a replica Patrick Kane Mouth Guard: With PKane being the cover boy for this year’s edition, this is an obvious choice of add-ons. Now when you are playing the extremely realistic game, you can hang the mouth guard out the side of your chops and chew on it while making fancy dangles and even prettier goals. Just be sure not to wear it when playing against Johan Franzen, he isn’t a fan of the mouth guard.

2.  Jim Balsillie Edition; included is replica Blackberry phone. When I caught a glimpse of this little feature for the new EA game, it made me ponder how to make the game even more realistic. Now with Jim Balsillie mode, you can get messages on which teams are in financial trouble almost instantly. Then you can begin putting together another large amount of money to purchase the team. But do it fast or you may get that dreaded message from the Commish: “Not this time Jim!!”

3.  San Jose Sharks Edition; included is a state of the art stress relief kit. With this fancy add on, you will really get the feel of what it is like being the GM of the Sharks. When you play as the Sharks and are defeated in the first or second round of the playoffs, after a strong regular season finish, place your stress kit on a wall and use it while you wonder why your team just can't win the big games.

4.  Sean Avery Edition; included is a pair of the stupid sunglasses. When you put on these sunglasses you will instantly become the most hated player in the league. Playing as Avery in the game gets you suspended on a very constant rate. But don’t worry, with these sunglasses you will attract attractive ladies at Vogue, just be careful, some players may come after your slo...Never mind, I won’t go there.

5.  Marian Gaborik/Rick Dipietro Edition; included is a pair of groin shorts. What are groin shorts you ask? A pair of shorts you put on while playing the game and experience it like pros Rick Dipietro and Marion Gaborik do. Around the third week of your dynasty, you groin shorts will produce an electro-shock that will continually bug you every game you play. This will cause you to have to simulate the majority of the season waiting for your groin pants to heal.

6.  Alexander Ovechkin Edition; included is a replica helmet and tinted visor. When wearing this helmet, you will see the game like Ovechkin sees it—as a giant empty net.You will want to shoot as much as O’Cheese does in real life when you catch a glimpse of that juicy open net. The downside is that once you are at least two strides from the puck your sight goes blank.

7.  Phoenix Coyotes Edition; Included a life-size Coyotes fan. With the Phoenix Coyotes edition you will get the real feel of playing at Jobing.com arena when your fan is cheering you on. Don’t worry though, the more you win, the more friends your fan will bring with them. Unfortunately, if you begin to lose then they will again start to diminish and you will start getting calls from Mr. Balsillie.

8.  Philadelphia Flyers Edition; included is a set of gloves made entirely out of foil. With the Flyers edition you will get the chance to be a true Broad Street Bully. Included is a limited edition piece of equipment that every new Flyer gets upon arrival, a Foil made glove. I mean seriously how many fights are going to produce when you have Rilyey Cote, Dan Carcillo, Ray Emery, and Chris Pronger?  With these gloves, you will be ready to defend your ice.  If you fight enough you may encourage the fans to join in with you.

9.  Toronto Maple Leafs Edition; included is a bag with a frowny face drawn on. Wearing this bag gives you the feel of what it has been to be a leafs fan for the past 42 years. This bag will also allow you to play just like the Leafs play—inconsistent and you lose important games at extremely inopportune times during the season. At the beginning of every season a message is shown saying “This is Our Year.”

10. Mats Sundin Edition; included is a poker set. With the Mats Sundin Edition playing as Mats Sundin has never been so realistic. First you spend the offseason contemplating playing the next season or not, while playing poker. Then when you decide to play you will take another three months to decide which team to play for, again while playing poker to prepare your mind for the season. After choosing your team you will finally be ready to step on the ice...in three more weeks. All the meanwhile, your poker set is getting good use when you are practicing as Mr. Sundin. This will continue until for four seasons or until you win a cup.

Who knows if NHL’ 10 can catch up with the buzz that CODMWF2 is creating, but we know that it is going to be the most realistic NHL video game yet. What are some other suggestions you have for NHL ’10 to create more buzz and attract more fans?