CFL a Mystery Beyond Montreal and Saskatchewan

Steve ThompsonAnalyst IIIJuly 20, 2009

26 Nov 2000:  A general view of the British Columbia Lions team huddling up before the Grey Cup 2000 game against the Montreal Alouettes at the McMahon Stadium in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Lions defeated the Alouettes 28-26.Mandatory Credit: Craig Klem  /Allsport

After week three in the new CFL season, there are only two things clear:  Montreal is in a class by itself and Saskatchewan is a distant second.  

After the top two teams, there is nothing but confusion in ranking the order of the remaining six teams.

Typical of the confusion is Hamilton which is the only other team to have a winning record, but lost badly to Toronto which in turn looked miserable against Calgary and Saskatchewan. 

BC and Calgary which were supposed to be top teams have losing records though both looked good this week.

Winnipeg, except for Fred Reid, looked like it has no offence whatsoever, and Edmonton which was supposed to be better defensively thanks to new coach Richie Hall has now given up over 90 points in two weeks.

It seems to me that the CFL is weaker in talent this year, perhaps symbolized by the departure of Cameron Wake from BC.  

The quarterbacking in particular has been horrible.  Except for Anthony Calvillo, every starting quarterback has been yanked at least once during the season and there have been few down-to-the-wire games, especially last week.

Montreal's lopsided scores only underline how bad the rest of the league is.  It seems the league is sinking down to Hamilton's level instead of rising up to Montreal's.

Speaking of the Ti-Cats, thanks to the drop in talent and play, they at least have hopes of making the playoffs this year.  How good they really are may be measured in next week's game in Montreal.

Meanwhile, Toronto plays back to back games in Winnipeg to determine who, along with Edmonton is the worst team in the league.

Edmonton against Saskatchewan will mean a homecoming for Richie Hall, but at least on paper, seems a mismatch, especially if Saskatchewan gets some of their injured offensive line players back.

The most interesting matchup is Calgary against BC, two teams that seemed to right themselves after atrocious beginnings.  

One can only hope that some of these other teams start to find themselves or the CFL might as well end the season now and award Montreal the Grey Cup, the only drama being whether they go unbeaten this season.