My Favorite Team Has Fans That Suck

Steven FennerCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

Well here we are. Time to face the facts, put it on the table. Every one of us cheers for a team that has sucky fans, and if they suck, you suck.

That's it in a nutshell. It doesn't matter how you are personally as a fan, or that you spend most of your time reaching out to other fans. YOU SUCK!

Why because your team has fans that suck, so therefore you suck. It's guilt by association of the worst sports kind, and it works because every team is guilty, or should I say their fan base?

You buy your tickets, spend money on a jersey, commit to every sunday being ready to go to battle for your team, figuratively, and what happens? He/she shows up, though it's almost always he. The "Guy". You know him, he might work with you at an office, be the guy at the construction site, or maybe a passing buddy at the local pub. A complet a-hole on sunday, but a great guy on monday.

He has a few ''pops", an opposing fan walks by and out comes "Mr. Personality". "Hey you in the (insert team name here) jersey, YOU SUCK!, and your TEAM SUCKS!"

We all know him, admit it. It is sometimes a brother, a friend, or a coworker, but we all know him. But what is weird we tolerate him. Why? Because he is from our tribe, our team, he's one of us.

Well I say f him, he SUCKS! Why do we need him? We have plenty of great fans, the stadium is full. (Well except for maybe Detroit. Sorry Lions fans couldn't help the cheap shot across the bow. You would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot, don't lie.)

When he is gone another seat is open for a good, no great fan.

As a Patriots fan I have had to live with both types. I have been to "Sullivan stadium'' where if you weren't ready to get in a scrap you weren't at a football game. It was the Vet stadium of the northeast. But now I have been to Gillette stadium where the Kraft family doesn't put up with anything, and I mean anything.

They keep it that way so kids can come to the game and feel safe and not hear f-bombs second by second. The kids don't have to have a hat on so the beer that is dumped on them gets in their hair. (Seen it.) What works about this is it creates future fans that we need. Remember all those seats I mentioned earlier that we can create? Hello?

Let's all come together, hey! hey! put the kumbaya away that's not what I mean, let's all come together and get rid of these people once and for all. You can still "hate" the other tribe, it's ok, just come to war with warriors we can all respect.

Why you ask? Because it's what we all really believe. Remember you can hate my team, and that's ok, but I would bet you would come to my defense if someone flew a plane into my building. Why because when it's all done sunday night, we all still are on the same team. We are all still part of the Greater Tribe.

It's kind of like when you pick on your younger sibling. It's ok for you to do it, but no one else better even think about it.

If you think your favorite teamd doesn't have fans that suck, well then YOU SUCK! lol

Man when is summer going to end and the NFL season start? I think I'm loosing it.

(I included my own profile picture for one reason. It's what NFL football is all about. This was written for the old MSN football fans, you each know who you are. We are/were a group that met online and became friends. Many of whom would meet each year in Vegas, I made it once. The group was/is made up of true NFL fans, true home team fans, and more important, True Americans. There was never a you suck attitude towards any member. There was never a favorite team. We came in all shapes, sizes, genders, and colors, my color happens to be old school Patriost red. See you shouldn't assume. It was about the love of the NFL, goodtimes, and great friends and it still is. Heck we even have Detroit fans. Yes Virginia they really exist. For all of you guys, thanks. Hopefully we will all meet again soon, where we will get "Draaa unnk!" Thanks Glenda for teaching us the proper way to say that. I couldn't find it on the internet lol.)