Danica Patrick: No Wine or Cheese for Her Outside The USA—Ouch, F1!

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJuly 19, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - MAY 07:  Danica Patrick driver of the #7 Motorola Andretti Green Racing Dallara Honda during practice for the IRL IndyCar Series 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 7, 2009 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

"I've explored Europe before," Patrick said in Los Angeles. "I particularly like to be here and I like my family and I like my friends and I like my creature comforts of my home country."

That should about say it all—a rejection. If you're a male, I'm sure you know the feeling!

You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Remember asking that good looking girl out on a date only to get the dreaded answer no?

OK, maybe that never happened to you, but I know the feeling and I'm sure F1 has to feel the same way today.

In a time when F1 needs something exciting to look forward to, it will miss one good opportunity to wake up some of their fans.

You know, the ones that take a nap during some races.

Another quote:

"I've had opportunities to take it a step further with Formula One, and I don't want to lead anyone down a path. It's not in my heart to go there," Patrick said."

Ouch! Another familiar rejection quote.

Remember this one? Oh, I just want to friends, don't want to lead you on.

Here is the kicker: Formula one has never asked her, but yet she felt a need to let them know she is not interested.

Well I'm sure they have been rejected by better drivers, but not one with an instant worldwide marketing power.

Danica Patrick is an instant ticket seller. A wonderful road show. Agree?

It's too bad she doesn't want to date F1.

I know this so called article will upset traditional F1 fans, but what else is new.

Asifyouknow still loves those F1 cars, so why does he criticize the series so much?

He just wants them to race better.