Madden 2010: What Should Be Fixed

Alex RodriguezCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

As every Madden player knows, the new Madden is scheduled to be released in late August. I'm a huge Madden addict, and I have some concerns for this year's game. This list will be my top 10 issues that EA has to tweak. I feel these changes will make Madden 2010 even more realistic than in the past.

1. Man Coverage Needs to Be More Effective

Think about this: teams that are known for man coverage can't even run it. I have tried to play man coverage with teams like Green Bay, Oakland, and Philadelphia, just to see if man was more affective when using them—it wasn't.

I don't know how many times I've done, and someone has done to me when playing man, a slant or a drag route out of the backfield that goes for a 20 yard gain or more.

2. No More Glitch Plays

How many times will you see it? These post patterns that are unstoppable; these play action passes that even when you pass commit the defensive ends and defensive backs just can't seem to get it right?

I could name more of these but I won't waste your time. EA make plays more stoppable I'm sick of taking a linebacker and having to sit on the middle of the field  than leaving a hole in my zone open there as well.

3. No More Burning Defenders Every Time a Player Bombs It

I don't know what to do everytime I seem to face a team like the Patriots, Texans, Bears, or Cowboys (before they slowed Terrell Owens down).

You know you've got to prepare for it, but is it really fair? No, it's not. Because of how fast the receiver is, every single time they throw it up, they have the corner beat for 50 yards and a touchdown.

4. The Streaks Straight Up the Middle

I want to paint a scenario for all of you who might think it's stupid to ask to stop the streaks straight up the middle. I am not asking for it be ineffective everytime, but does a streak always work?

I play with the New Orleans Saints and every time it is 3rd-and-long or 4th-and-long, it seems they run a streak straight up the middle on everything I throw at them and it crushes my dreams because it is hard enough to come up with a stop.

When you blitz, this is when you are at the most risk of it getting beat, which takes away some of the realness in the game seeing that 3rd-and-long is when most defenses bring the blitz.

5. Defensivive players Who Intercept Everything

It seems like every time I play certain teams, these corners and linebackers just seem to intercept everything thrown up in the air.

I understand some players like Ed Reed, Asante Samuel, and a couple others have great ball skills, but truthfully, do they need to catch everything that touches their hands?

It seems like some of these corners could be better receivers than the actual receivers in the game, which is frustrating.

6. Speed Shouldn't Make You Unstoppable

It seems like if you have a speed running back or a speed receiver your offense is set to go. I will admit this, because my offense is based on speed, and I have seen some ridiculous crap out of Reggie Bush that he doesn't do in real life. Same goes for Devery Henderson.

I don't know what it is, but if you have an offense full of speed, you're going to be averaging 10 yards per play, and if you have a defense full of speed, it makes you that much better.

Don't even attempt to throw a deep ball on the Raiders or you will get intercepted.

7. The Rocket Catch

I am crossing my fingers that this will be taken out of all Madden games. This is probably one of the most impossible things to stop. I've seen countless people win games just because they can keep all their drives alive with the rocket catch. 

8. Disconnections Should Give You Wins In Online Games

I am aware you can finish games and get your win, but how annoying is it when your opponent quits in the first quarter and you have to play the longers game ever against the computer? I think as soon as that plug is pulled and as soon as the opponent quits you should get an instant win and not have to finish against the computer.


9. Players Shouldn't Be Good If They Have a Low Overall Rating

I don't know what's going on with Madden, but some of these players who do absolutely nothing good in real life turn out to be Madden Gods.

Vince Young, Reggie Bush, JaMarcus Russell, and others have literally changed Madden. I don't know how many times I've had people pass for over 300 yards in Madden with Vince Young and JaMarcus Russell or how many times I've had plays where I broke three or more tackles with Reggie Bush to score and 80 yard touchdown run.


I feel this should be fixed. No player who is a low overall should be destroying you in Madden and if you are a quarterback with absolutely no speed than you shouldn't be able to run 80 MPH to the sidelines.

10. Quarter backs throwing across their body

I understand some quarterbacks are amazing, and yes, they make great plays, but have you ever seen Peyton Manning run to the sideline on a screen play and literally spin around and make a throw while he is in the air spinning? The answer—no.

It feels like some quarterbacks just get out of the pocket so fast and can throw across the field perfectly, when in real life quarterbacks are taught not to throw across the field or their bodies because defenses are more likely to intercept or deflect those passes. 

This is my conclusion to it, and if people think I am being a bit dumb over my complaints, then that is your belief. If I waste 60 dollars on a video game, I want it to be the best experience I can have. I want to not have to be worried about people running glitch plays and not have to be worried about how many times is Randy Moss going to burn me deep this game.

I love Madden—it's the closest thing to real football I can get besides street games. I just want the most authentic game play possible.