"Look Into The Crystal Ball: My Wrestlemania XXVI Predictions"

The RookieCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

Just a little tribute to Shawn Michaels with that picture as it'll be his last "Mania" next year...

Okay let's get started...

WWE Championship: John Cena(c) vs. Batista

I think these two will have two more matches against one another. I say Batista returns shortly after Summerslam. After his "revenge" match(s) with Randy Orton, I think he'll feud with the next WWE Champion, "John Cena", who'll win the title, either at Night of Champions or Summerslam from Orton.

Eventually, Cena and Batista will battle for the WWE title at Survivor Series, with the winner and still WWE Champion, "John Cena"!

So after all of that, Cena has beaten Batista at Survivor Series, and Batista has beaten Cena at Summerslam of 2008, so they're even at one-to-one.

So, with that being said, they'll start a feud and have one more match, which will be held at Wrestlemania XXVI, and the winner not only being the victor of the feud, but the WWE Championship...

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho(c) vs. Edge

These two were tag team partners a short time ago, but now it seems that Jericho has lost his confidence in Edge, and now that Edge is injured and will be out for six months, it'll be the perfect time for them to feud and have a match at Wrestlemania XXVI.

In my opinion, Edge will return at Royal Rumble 2010, and win it, with Jericho being the World Champion by the time Wrestlemania "fever" is in the air.

So with Jericho basically dissing Edge, it seemed that Edge didn't take it to his liking, and I'm sure we all see a match between these two at Wrestlemania XXVI, and the Main Event of the PPV...

Streak on the Line, Orton's Last Chance: Undertaker vs. Randy Orton at WM II

You say why would they let Orton and Taker square off again?

Well why did they let Taker and Kane have another Wrestlemania match, which was a "squash" match at that...

All in all, Orton will tell Taker that he was younger and less skilled in the ring when they faced off, but now he's the top superstar in the WWE and will end the streak of "The Undertakers"...

Bottom line, Randy Orton will face Undertaker again at Wrestlemania...

Shawn Michaels Last Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

We've seen these two feud in the past, and it was a classic.

WWE isn't sure yet what they'll do with DX this fall, but I'm sure they'll return and have a long feud with Legacy...

After that long term feud, around Wrestlemania time, Shawn will announce he'll retire at Wrestlemania XXVI, and then Triple H comes out of nowhere, and tells Shawn he'll be his last opponent and their match will take place at Wrestlemania.

They both agree, and the match is on...

Jeff Hardy Returns: Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk

I think Hardy will sign a contract with WWE, but he'll take a long break after Summerslam.

So with that being said, I see Punk injuring Hardy, obviously kayfabe.

When Wrestlemania time comes around, Punk will be the biggest heel in WWE, besides Randy Orton and Chris Jericho...

With that being the case, it'll be huge if Jeff returns and takes revenge on CM Punk...

Now they'll have a match at Wrestlemania, by the way, it'll be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match...

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Featuring Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Christian, and Tyson Kidd.

And...there's the Money in the Bank match...

ECW Championship: Vladimir Kozlov(c) vs. Hurricane Helms vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Zack Ryder vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. William Regal in a Six Man Over The Top Battle Royal

It seems that Kozlov is a dominate force on ECW, and he wants the title, so I see him beating Dreamer at Summerslam or Breaking Point, and holding the title during Wrestlemania time.

Women's Championship: Melina(c) vs. Natayla vs. Michelle McCool vs. Gail Kim

This is a match between four of the best divas on their respected brand, Smackdown.

I also see Melina winning the title back from McCool before Mania time...

Battle for Brand Supremacy: Kane(Smackdown) vs. Big Show(RAW)

This match is more of a filler, but I expect these two to feud and have a match at Wrestlemania XXVI...

U.S. Championship: Cody Rhodes(c) vs. Ted DiBiase

This should be an interesting feud and match, I see Ted leaving Legacy and Rhodes winning the U.S. title, so they'll feud...

Intercontinental Championship: Matt Hardy(c) vs. Chris Masters

I just see this as another filler match, a decent feud at that...

2010 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees: The Rock leading the class, also Ted DiBiase, Honky Tonk Man, Owen Hart among others...


Match Orders:

Match 1. Money in the Bank

Match 2. Intercontinental Championship

Segment 1. The WWE and World Heavyweight Champions meet

3. ECW Championship

4. Battle for Brand Supremacy

5. U.S. Championship

6. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk

7. Womens Championship

8. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

9. WWE Championship

Segment 2. Hall of Fame Segment

10. Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

11. World Heavyweight Championship


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