Rumours Are Smumours: Delfino, Rasho, and Jack Are The Newest Raptors

Brad NortonCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

So, I've been hearing Rumours as you's have, about Delfino not liking that he's been offered less money than he thought and he's been put on the back burner of Raptor plans and how waiting for Jarrett Jack can screw up our plans for next year and all that Jazz and i don't really believe any of it.

Let's start by saying Delfino you're INJURED, you are not at 100%. Plus, the Raptors have your rights as a FA, no other team in the NBA has even made a rumour that they want you. Why would you expect to be on the front burner instead of the back when you aren't even one of the hot topics of Free Agency.

Everything obviously, had to be figured out with the Turkoglu situation and filling out the roster after that. Now that the Turkoglu situation has been worked out we have 3 roster spots that we have the opportunity to fill and in the process fix our glaring weaknesses at certain spots.

That one spot is obviously guaranteed to be Carlos Delfino's spot and nobody has made an offer to Delfino. So, the raptors don't have to worry about matching and they can simply just wait until they have those other 2 spots filled and then retain Delfino.

Simply put Delfino shouldn't be angry. But, instead happy that he's been put on the back burner as it means he's already pretty much guaranteed a roster spot.

Moving on to the Rasho rumour's, there are a couple of teams in the NBA where Mr. Nesterovic is on their wish list and that waiting for the Pacer's to possibly match the offer we've extended to Jarrett Jack or for Wednesday when the offer kicks in and we officially get Jack.

Now, there was speculation that Rasho is on the Detroit Pistons wish list. But, sources say they have come to terms with Chris Wilcox on a 2 year, $6 million contract. That pretty much scratches Rasho going to Detroit.

Plus, Rasho has stated he loves Toronto and the Raptors organization and never wanted to leave. So, if a guy loves your team, you're on the top of his list and he's going to wait to see what you offer him, or if you make an offer to him, before he decides to sign a contract with another team.

So, we don't really need to worry about Rasho signing with another team.

Moving now to something a little more complicated all the stuff involving the Indiana Pacers chance to retain Jarrett Jack by matching the Raps offer of 4 yrs/$20 mill. Now, I can't predict what the Pacers are going to do. But, I have guesses and i believe that they aren't going to match.

I mean they just signed Dahntay Jones to a 4 yr/$11 mill. contract. They don't want to go into the luxury tax and if i'm not mistaken they can't retain Jack without going into the Luxury Tax.

So, they would have to make a trade. But, since they are over the cap they have to take the same amount of cap back that they gave away. I also don't see who they would trade with there was a rumour that they we're involving T.J. Ford in a trade with Boston, that seems unlikely.

To sum it all up Delfino is screwed without the Raptors, Rasho loves Toronto too much to not sign and the Pacers won't match the offer sheet Jarrett Jack signed with the Raptors.