WWE and TNA Present Victory Road! The Summer's Hottest Party!

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 19, 2009

This will be Scott B. last show as Kevin C. will be taken over for ECW, Adam Roberts writes for Raw Impact and I, the one and only Adrian Staehle, am the writer for SmckDown Xplosion.

Welcome and enjoy Victory Road.

Card for WWE/TNA Victory Road 2009:

  • Raw Impact- Raw IMPACT! King of the Mountain Match - United States Championship - Nigel McGuinness Vs Tyler Black vs Bobby Lashley vs Evan Bourne vs Suicide vs Matt Hardy
  • Normal Match - Evolution vs Legacy - Triple H Vs Umaga special guest Referee Shawn Michaels
  • The Cutting Edge! Tonight's guest: WWE Champion CM Punk.
  • WWE Championsip/World Heavyweight Championship - King of the Mountain Match - Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels Vs CM Punk Vs Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Jarrett Vs The Undertaker
  • ECW Epics- ECW Epics Match One: Beer Money Inc. & ODB vs. The Hart Dynasty w/Jim Neidhart (Winner Takes All – Tag Team and Knockouts title belts
  • ECW Epics Match Two: Booker T/R-Truth vs. Rhyno/Tomko vs. Abyss/Kofi Kingston vs. Kane/Kennedy (Strange Bedfellows match for Legends & Intercontinental Championship)
  • ECW Epics Match Three: Elmination Chamber Match: Mick Foley vs. Christian vs. Batista vs. RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. MVP
  • SmackDown Xplosion- Sting v. Cena in a Lumberjack Match
  • Goldberg & Adrian v. New Event Mafia
  • Angle v. Rock v. Styles for the TNA World Championship

Pyro hits as show starts.

Jim Ross: Welcome to Victory Road; we are in Orlando, Fla. I am Good Old JR and with me as always is Jeff D Gorman, tonight we have one hell of a night for you with the King of the Mountain match for the United States Championship, Umaga v Triple H with HBK as the special guest ref, Cutting Edge tonight with CM Punk the WWE Champion and the King of the Mountain match for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship.

Jeff: It is going to be one amazing night and with us from ECW Epics is Tazz and Matt Striker.

Tazz: Thanks Jeff, we have a Winner takes all match for the Tag Team and Knockout Championship, Strange Bedfellows Match for the Intercontinental and Legends titles and the seven men going for the ECW Championship in a Elimination Chamber match.

Striker: I am looking forward to the main event to see Foley, who in my eyes could be the favorite going in even with the cards against him. From SmackDown its the always great Joey Styles and the loser Don West.

Styles: Thank you and I know West is a loser.

West: HEY!

Jim Ross: Hey is for horses, dumbass.

West: Shut up!

Jim Ross: Tell me to Shut Up again and I will bring my Oklahoma Sooner ass over there and beat you with my size ten shoe, you Tony Schiavone wannabe.

All the announcers says WOW as Styles takes control before it gets out of hand.

Styles: Tonight we will have Adrian and Goldberg facing the New Event Mafia and if Adrian and Goldberg win, then the Mafia and I hear New Born Thrillers are finished, but if the Mafia wins then they run SmackDown for the next six weeks, in a much heated rivalry it will be Cena and Sting in a Lumberjack match, we will see who our new SmackDown superstar is, we will have a Triple Threat match for the TNA World Championship and we will get answers about last Friday about Steph and Adrian and the McMahon family as we get underway with our first bout.

Raw IMPACT! King of the Mountain Match - United States Championship - Nigel McGuinness Vs Tyler Black vs Bobby Lashley vs Evan Bourne vs Suicide vs Matt Hardy

Jim Ross: Hello and Welcome to the First ever King of the Mountain match since WWE and TNA merged togerther. Man do we have a Action Packed First Match with 6 men all Looking to climb that Ladder and place the Belt onto the Lock!

Nigel McGuinness and Tyler Black team up and take out Bobby Lashley as Evan Bourne and Suicide go at it meanwhile Matt Hardy Gets a Steel Chair from the outside and sneaks into the Ring.

Evan Bourne turns around and is hit by the Steel Chair by Matt Hardy, Tyler Black hits a Hurricarana on Bobby Lashley followed by Nigel McGuinness Stamping on His Chest.

Suicide hits Matt Hardy with the Steel Chair and goes for the pin.1..2.Matt Hardy Kicks out! Jack Swagger runs to the Ring and helps Bobby Lashley fight Tyler Black and Nigel McGuinness, Suicide hits Matt Hardy with a dropkick to the face and a Enzugiri to Evan Bourne.

Tyler Black hits the Small Package Driver on Bobby Lashley.1..2.. Jack Swagger stops the Pin! Suicide hits the D.O.A on Evan Bourne and goes for the pin.1..2...3.

Jeff D Gorman: Suicide is now Able to Win the Match! Evan Bourne Must Spend two minutes in the Penalty Box.

Evan Bourne slowly makes his way to the penalty box while Suicide gets a Ladder from the outside and sets it up, Matt Hardy Pushes the Ladder over but Suicide manages to Land onto the Penalty Box.

Matt Hardy grabs Bobby Lashley and hits a Twist of Fate on top of a Steel Chair and goes for the pin.1..2..Jack Swagger stops the pin! Matt Hardy hits Jack Swagger with the Steel Chair.

The Clock counts down to 30 Seconds as Suicide jumps down and begins to climb the Ladder once again after taking the belt from Mr. Jeff D Gorman, Matt Hardy Tries to pull him down but Suicide kicks him off and hits a Moonsault, taking Matt Hardy Out!

Evan Bourne is released and attacks Suicide with a Table, Evan Bourne sets the Table up and places Suicide on it He its a Huge Shooting star press through the table, Matt Hardy realises and gets the pin.1..2..3.

Jeff D Gorman: Matt Hardy is now able to win this match! Suicide must spend two minutes in the penalty box.

Matt Hardy picks the Title Belt up and Begins to climb the ladder, However Bobby Lashley stops him and hits a Powerbomb, Jack Swagger hits his finisher the Gutwrench Powerbomb on Nigel McGuinness.

Tyler Black hits Jack Swagger with the Steel Chair and throws him out of the ring, Tyler Black Low blows Bobby Lashley and hits God's Last Gift (Small Package driver ).1..2..3!

Jeff D Gorman: Tyler Black is now able to win this match! Bobby Lashley must spend two Minutes in the Penalty box.

Bobby Lashley enters as Suicide comes out, Suicide climbs onto the ring apron springs off the top Rope and takes out Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy. Meanwhile, Tyler Black gets another Ladder and sets it up right next to the other one. Nigel McGuinness puts Bobby Lashley on top of a Steel Chair and hits him with another Steel Chair, Suicide and Matt Hardy Climb on to one of the Ladders and Tyler Black trys to Push their Ladder over.

Nigel McGuinness beats Jack Swagger with a Steel Chair and hits a English DDT onto the steel Chair, Tyler Black, Matt Hardy and Suicide go at on the Ladders while Evan Bourne climbs to the top rope and dropkicks the Ladder that Tyler Black is on sending him into the ropes.

Nigel McGuinness places Bobby Lashley on the top rope and hits the the Tower of London and goes for the pin.1..2..3.

Jeff D Gorman: Nigel McGuinness is able to win this match! Bobby Lashley must spend two minutes in the penalty box.

Matt Hardy and Suicide are fighting at the top of a ladder and Matt Hardy grabs Suicide's neck and hits a Massive Twist of Fate off a Ladder! Tyler Black starts to Climb the ladder but Nigel McGuinness pulls him down.

Evan Bourne hits Nigel McGuinness with a steel chair and climbs to the top rope, He hits a Huge Shooting star press! heres the pin.1..2..3.

Jeff D Gorman: Evan Bourne is now able to win this match! Nigel McGuinness will now spend two minutes in the penalty box.

Evan Bourne begins to climb the ladder, This could be it!, Tyler Black Low blows Evan Bourne and throws him off! Matt Hardy gets back up but the New Hardcore legend Jeff Hardy runs out and hits a Twist of Fate on Matt Hardy!

Tyler Black reaches for Lock but cannot seem to reach. Jeff Hardy Hits another Twist of fate on Suicide just As Tyler Black hangs the Belt!

Jeff D Gorman: Your Winner and New United States Champion, Tyler Black!

Jim Ross: What a Great Match! we had everything Tables, Ladders, Chairs and even a Hardcore Legend! And Now the Young and up-and coming Tyler Black is the United States Champion!

Backstage with Vince, Adrian, Steph and Goldberg

Vince: You ready to whoop some Mafia ass boys?

Adrian: You know it, Vinnie.

Door opens as Steph walks in and kisses Adrian as she says...

Step: Dad, I will be walking my man and his partner to ringside tonight and if Triple H is even thinking about coming near Adrian, then he is sadly mistaken.

Bill: I don't know what is going on with all of you, but Adrian, you better be focused tonight so we can end all this bullshit tonight and so I can get my match with Angle.

Adrian: If we win tonight, then you get your match.

Bill: Good, because its my terms and my match in three weeks in my hometown the ATL.

Adrian: "It is going to be an historic night, guys and girls," as he winks at Steph.

Tazz and Striker hype the match before it starts.

ECW Epics Match One: Beer Money Inc & ODB vs. The Hart Dynasty w/ Jim Neidhart (Winner Takes All – Tag Team and Knockouts title belts)

Natalya and ODB start the match.

The two women lock up and try to prove their dominance over the other. They push back and forth, but they find that they are equal in strength. They break the hold and Natalya ducks behind ODB and connects with a German suplex.

Natalya stands up and looks at ODB approvingly. She leans over ODB to pick her up, but ODB takes out her legs. ODB now stands up and drags Natalya to her feet. ODB locks in a bear hug.

Natalya is thrashing around, trying to find some way to get out of the submission hold. Natalya stomps on ODB’s foot and she breaks the hold.

Natalya picks ODB up and hits her with a scoop slam. She picks up one leg and locks in a signature Hart family Sharpshooter. ODB screams in pain and tries to reach the bottom rope.

Just as she gets within a few inches, Natalya pulls her away while still keeping the hold locked in.

Jim Neidhart jumps up onto the ring apron and the referee immediately turns towards him and tells him to get down. Jim starts arguing with the ref and the ref is now yelling back at him.

While that’s happening, Kidd and Hart get into the ring and charge at the opposite corner. They knock Beer Money off the apron and climb down to attack them. At the same time, Natalya quickly goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair.

She slides back into the ring at clocks ODB in the head with it. Natalya throws the chair away and goes for the pin as her father finally gets off the ring apron. 1... 2... 3!

Winner and new Tag Team and Knockouts Champions: The Hart Dynasty

Tazz: What a match and congrats to the New Tag and Knockout Champions The Hart Dynasty.

ECW Epics Segment: Backstage

Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin are backstage discussing tactics for their match later tonight when they get attacked by The Clan.

Christian, Tomko, and Rhyno are kicking and punching the duo into unconsciousness before Rhyno delivers a gore to both of them.

Christian: That should improve your odds of winning the Legends and Intercontinental Championships!

The Clan run off before anyone sees them.

Striker: I don’t think the champs will be able to make it to their match. I guess that means that the gold will be changing hands tonight no matter what.

Styles: Well it's time for SmackDown first match and it will be Adrian and Goldberg against the New Event Mafia as the winner of the match will get what they want, Bill and Adrian win New Event Mafia and New Born Thrillers are done, but if the Mafia then SmackDown is in for something for the next month and a half.

New Event Mafia (Nash and Scott vs Adrian Staehle and Goldberg)

The Mafia comes out to heat as Nash taunts the crowd and walks to the ring.

Adrian comes out first to some heat but mostly cheers as he walks with Step holding hands and waits at the middle of the ramp as Goldberg comes out and comes out to a huge pop.

Adrian runs to the ring as the ring clears out as Goldberg works his way in to the ring as as Steph walks to the side of the ring. Scott gets in the ring to start the match, the bell rings as the match is offical as Bill and Scott are in the ring.

Bill starts of with a few combos as he works on Scott chest until Scott backs off and tags Nash as Goldberg looks up and then gives him a blow to the knee, Bill works on the shoulder next and tags in Adrian as he gets on the top rope and drops a double arm axe as he works on the shoulder and gits a arm drag, tags in Bill.

Bill steps on his shoulder, hands, knees and feet as he stomps away and tags in Adrian as Adrian works on the knee as Bill gets tagged back in but when he goes for the knee Nash goes for a small package but only gets a two-count.

Nash gets a tag to Scott, he hits a belly-to-belly on Bill and then clotheslines Adrian and starts to build the advantage for the Mafia as they work on Bill's mid-section.

Kevin gets the tag and starts hit clotheslines, knees to the gut, hits to the head and hits a powerslam but only gets a two count, he gets up and when he turns around he gets a Spear by Goldberg, who played possum and is laying on the gorund but pins and gets a two count and tags in Adrian who hits a flying headbutt to the head of Nash.

Nash holds his eye and tells the ref to stop the match but the ref doesn't because Adrian tells him not to.

Adrian goes for a superkick but Kevin blocks and Steph comes to the apron and Nash pushes Adrian into her but he catches her and hugs her and Nash looks like he is going to clothesline him and her but Adrian hits a low blow and Goldberg spears Nash.

Adrian then attacks Scott out of the ring and Bill goes for the Jackhammer and connects for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Via pinfall Adrian and Goldberg and now New Event Mafia and New Born Thrillers have to split their groups forever.

After the match, they got to Angle's locker as he is throwing everything around and then cut back to Adrian and Bill dapping off and saying "You get Angle", as you can read his lips and Steph runs to the ring and kisses Adrian as they hug and celebrate.

They cut to Triple H locker room and he throws the sledgehammer through the TV and looks in the mirror and punches it until his fists start to bleed.

The Cutting Edge! Tonight's guest WWE Champion CM Punk.

Edge: Hello and Welcome to the first Cutting Edge since I moved to Monday night Raw IMPACT! Tonights guest faces five other men in a King of the Mountain Match not only for his WWE Championship but also for the Vacant World Heavyweight Championship. His name is CM Punk! Now CM Punk as the Current WWE Champion How do you feel about tonights match?

CM Punk: I think that after tonight's match things in the Wrestling world Will change forever! Not only will I Have Retained and Won Both Titles, but I would have Gained a very Important Ally! Anyway I don't have Time for Chit Chat; Good night!

Edge: Whoa Whoa Whoa! I have one more Question, How does this Feel!

Edge Spears CM Punk!

Edge: If your Still Champion after tonight then the Rising Dynasty leader Y2J Chris Jericho will Come after you!

The Camera cuts to black....

A Promo for SummerSlam is shown...

ECW Epics Match Two: Booker T/R-Truth vs. Rhyno/Tomko vs. Abyss/Kofi Kingston vs. Kane/Kennedy (Strange Bedfellows match for Legends & Intercontinental Championship)

Tomko, Kane, Kingston, and Booker T start match.

Kingston and Tomko trade blows for a while before Tomko whips Kingston into the ropes. As Kingston’s returning he goes for Trouble In Paradise, but just before it connects he’s hit with a big boot in mid-air from Tomko. Tomko goes for a pin. 1... 2... Interference by Booker T.

Each of the teams are very stand-offish. They don’t appear to be willing to tag their partners in or out.

Booker T kicks Kane in the mid-section and runs the ropes. Looking to hit the scissors kick. Just as he bounces off the ropes, R-Truth leans over and tags himself in.

The referee acknowledges the tag and tells R-Truth that he’s now the legal man. Booker T hits the scissors kick before realizing that he has to get out of the ring.

Booker T gets out of the ring, but he decides to vent his anger on Kane, outside the ring. Abyss sees the brawl and decides to get some action for himself. The three guys are now trading blows outside the ring and it’s turning into chaos.

Tomko and Rhyno are the only team that are co-operating with each other. They are making numerous quick tags to stay fresh. Tomko tags in Rhyno for the second time. Rhyno lines up Mr. Kennedy and gores him into the corner turnbuckles.

Rhyno turns around and lines up Kingston. He connects with another huge gore into the corner. Rhyno looks at the last man standing in the ring, R-Truth, and charges right at him.

Rhyno damn near cuts him in half with another massive gore. With all the tag team partners outside the ring brawling, there’s nobody to break a pin. 1... 2... 3!

Winner and new Intercontinental and Legends Champions: Tomko & Rhyno

Jim Ross: A feud that has been brought to this as we get ready for Triple H, who saw his wife or should I say ex-wife kiss the GM of SmackDown, Adrian Staehle.

Normal Match - Evolution vs Legacy - Triple H Vs Umaga special guest Referee Shawn Michaels

I am the king the King of Kings.....Triple H Comes out to a huge POP meanwhile Umaga comes out to a Mixed reaction.

Triple H and Umaga grapple each other but Umaga just throws Triple H across the ring, Umaga hits a scoop slam followed by a Atomic leg drop, crushing Triple H's face in the Process. Umaga goes to the top rope and hits a Jumping clothesline and throws Triple H Into the corner.

Umaga then runs and kicks Triple H In the face with his knee, Umaga Lifts Triple H onto his shoulders but Triple H fights Back and Kicks Umaga in the gut and hits a DDT.

Triple H irish whips Umaga and hits a huge facebuster Knee smash, Triple H picks Umaga up and Irish whips him again but this time he hits a Spinebuster.

Triple H Looks towards the Screen and does the DX Taunt, Signaling Shawn Michaels, Triple H Hits a Huge Pedigree and goes for the pin.1..2..Umaga Kicks out! Triple H hits another Pedigree and goes for the Pin once again.1..2..Umaga Kicks out again!

Triple H Climbs to the Top Rope and places Umaga onto the second rope, he then puts Umaga into the Pedigree Postion but Umaga Lifts Triple H Over the his Arms and onto the Mat.

Umaga Climbs to the top rope and hits a Massive Elbow Drop on Triple H. Shawn Michaels gets a Steel Chair from the Outside and rolls back into the ring, Umaga hits the Samoan Spike.

Shawn Michaels hits Sweet chin music on Umaga and picks up the Steel Chair, HBK hits Triple H Three Times and puts Umaga on top of him.1....2....3. Your Winner: Umaga!

Shawn Michaels: Your Winner Umaga! now if you would excuse me I have a match to get Ready for, Oh and Triple H At Summerslam, Once I've won the WWE World Heavyweight championship, you and I will face each other in a Three Stages of Hell Match!

After HBK walks off, Triple H face is red as he looks pissed off and he walks to the back looking for someone and the fans know who.

Styles: It is time to get personal if it hasn't already on SmackDown with Sting or Steve Borden going to face John Cena in a Lumberjack match.

Sting v John Cena Lumberjack Match

Jeff Hardy, Christopher Daniels, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Charlie Haas, Jay Lethal, Shawn Stasiak, Eric Young, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak,Nathan Jones, Matt Wiese (Luther Reigns), Mark Henry, Sonjay Dutt, Maven, Gregory Helms, Dolph Ziggler, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn are the Lumberjacks.

John Cena comes out to heavy heavy heat as he is being stared down by every Lumberjack as he walks to the ring.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....Ric Flair music hits and has a mic...

Flair: Wooooooo Orlando, Fla., home of space mountain how you feeling....Woooooooo, tonight my man Sting is going to whoop your ass Cena and I am the one that got him back to the old Stinger, help me welcome Sting.

Sting music hits as he walks right pass Flair and just ignores him and runs to the ring with half his face painted and half of it not as he goes right after Cena

Sting is throwing everything he has on Cena and throws him out of the ring on the bad and good side and gets his ass whooped by everyone and Sting stomps on him and does everything possible to him, Cena some how reversed out of a Scorpion Deathlock and gets a small package but only gets a two.

Cena starts to work on the back which he injured a couple of weeks back, Cena is working on every part of Sting and throws him out of the ring but the Lumberjacks help him up even the heels as they show their respect to Sting and gets back in the ring.

Petey Williams and Chris Jericho walk down to the ring as their are going to be apart of the Lumberjacks. Cena goes after the back again of Cena and looks like he is going to hit the five knuckle shuffle and connects he gets up and turns Sting around and hits a back body drop, then a throw back and he sets up for the Attitude Adjustment but knocks out the ref.

The Lumberjacks stay still but Petey goes into the ring and taunts Cena and says you can't see me but Cena goes for the AA but Jericho comes into the ring and hits the Codebreaker and Williams hits the Candian Destoryer as Cena lays motionless. Sting gets up as he tells the Lumberjacks to go to the back as he gets his bat and starts to beat the hell out of Cena.

Flair comes to the ring and hits Sting with Brass Knuckes and looks to have knocked out Sting. Cena goes for the pin but gets a two count as Sting pops up and looks at Flair and Flair runs to the ropes as Sting grabs him, Cena goes for a clothesline on Sting but hits Flair. Cena turns around and gets flipped and and the Scorpion Deathlock locked on to him he taps out as the refs sees him tap he calls for the bell.

Winner: Via Submission (Cena taps out)

After the Match, as it just gets done the lights go out and then a promo hits.....

Please Watch Important.........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4wdczIDjU4

After the Promo, the lights are blue and at the ramp it is the Undertaker, he points to Sting and he gives him the throat taunt saying he is next.

The lights go out and Undertaker is gone and another promo comes on.......Please watch.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_JqeGOSNaE

Styles: Is Taker coming to SmackDown, was that the trade......OH MY GOD.

Backstage with Raw, ECW, and SmackDown superstars.

Matt: Where is that punk brother of mine?

Jeff comes from behind and attacks Matt for about 15-20 seconds before he is held back.

Jeff: Your ass is mine at SummerSlam...Brother.

Jim Ross: The Raw Impact main event is next.

WWE Championsip/World Heavyweight Championship - King of the Mountain Match - Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels Vs CM Punk Vs Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Jarrett Vs The Undertaker

Jim Ross: What a Great Match! and theres only one match that can follow that up, A King of the Mountain Match! Expect High flying from CM Punk, Technique from Randy Orton, Strong from The Undertaker, Dirty from Shawn Michaels and Hardcore from Jeff Jarrett!

The Bell Rings as Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett team up to take on The Undertaker and CM Punk and Randy Orton go Head to Head, Shawn Michaels joins in and Begins to beatdown The Undertaker with Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe. CM Punk hits a Enzugiri and Gets a Steel Chair, He then hits Randy Orton on the Back and he hits him in the face knocking Randy Orton out! CM Punk trys to hit the Go 2 Sleep but Randy Orton reverses it into a Backbreaker.

The Undertaker Grabs Samoa Joe's and Jeff Jarrett's necks, He throws Samoa Joe and hits a Massive Chokeslam on Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Michaels hits The Undertaker in the Stomach with the Steel Chair and hits a DDT! Samoa Joe puts Jeff Jarrett on the Top Rope and hits The Muscle Buster! Randy Orton RKO's Samoa Joe and goes for the Pin on Jeff Jarrett..1..2...3.

Jeff D Gorman: Randy Orton is now eligible To Win this match! Jeff Jarrett must Now Spend Two Minutes in the Penalty Box.

Shawn Michaels hits The Undertaker with the Steel Chair and gets a Table from the outside, Meanwhile Randy Orton is getting a Ladder when CM Punk dropkicks the ladder into Randy Orton's face! CM Punk picks the Ladder up and Shawn Michaels hits Sweet Chin music on the Ladder making it smash into CM Punk's face, Shawn Michaels puts the Undertaker on the Table and puts the Steel Chair on his face, Shawn Michaels then sets the ladder up and begins to Climb!

HBK Shawn Michaels hits the Heartbreak Elbow Through the table with the Undertaker on it!, Randy Orton grabs the WWE Championship from Jeff D Gorman and sets the Ladder up under the Locks and begins to Climb but Samoa Joe grabs him and hits a Huge Powerbomb on top of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels! CM Punk picks Randy Orton up and hits the GO 2 Sleep and heres the Pin!..1..2...3.

Jeff D Gorman: The WWE Champion CM Punk is now eligible to win this match! Randy Orton must spend Two Minutes in the Penalty Box.

Randy Orton enters as Jeff Jarrett leaves the Penalty Box, Jeff Jarrett gets his Guitar and hits The Undertaker over the head with it, The Undertaker sits up and grabs Jeff Jarretts Neck, Shawn Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music on Jeff Jarrett and The Undertaker hits a Chokeslam on Shawn Michaels. CM Punk begins to climb the Ladder but the Undertaker stops him and throws him off and into Samoa Joe!

Shawn Michaels trys to pin Jeff Jarrett but The Undertaker stops him, Lifts Jeff Jarrett on to his Shoulders and trys to hit the Tombstone Piledriver but Jeff Jarrett manages to fight his way off. The Undertaker picks Shawn Michaels up and throws him over the top rope and into a Ladder, Samoa Joe lifts Jeff Jarrett up and hits the Muscle buster!..1...2...3.

Jeff D Gorman: Samoa Joe is eligible to win this match! Jeff Jarrett must now spend two minutes in the penalty area.
CM Punk Starts to climb the ladder but Randy Orton grabs and hits a Huge RKO, Randy Orton starts to climb with The WWE Championship in hand. Samoa Joe hits a Muscle buster on The Undertaker and watches as CM Punk pins him.1..2..3. Samoa Joe picks Shawn Michaels up and hits another Huge Muscle Buster and again Watches the WWE Champion CM Punk pins HBK Shawn Michaels.1..2..3

Jeff D Gorman: The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels must now spend two minutes in the Penalty Area!

Samoa Joe and CM Punk work togerther to pull Randy Orton down and take the WWE Championship from him, CM Punk hits the GO 2 SLEEP then CM Punk and Samoa Joe climb the Ladder. Samoa Joe hands CM Punk the WWE Championship and CM Punk hangs the Belt Smiling! Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley, Both Members of the Nation of Violence, help CM Punk walk towards the Tantron with the WWE Championship in one hand and the World Heavyweight Championship in the other!

You got no chance thats what you got...... Vince McMahon comes out to a huge pop!

Vince McMahon: As you all heard I sold WWE/TNA but I Brought back the "A" Show Raw IMPACT! so I'm going to make this a Better Match, Instead of Justing hanging one belt and winning Both you must hang each belt! So CM Punk you have Just won the WWE Championship and now all men are unligible to win the World Heavyweight Championship!

All Three men in the Penalty Box are Released and they go right after CM Punk and Samoa Joe, The Undertaker and Jeff Jarrett take on Samoa Joe and CM Punk meanwhile Shawn Michaels sneaks into the ring and hits Sweet Chin Music on Randy Orton he goes for the Pin.1..2.. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes break the Pin! Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes help put Shawn Michaels into Randy Orton's Subbmission move the Age of Orton ( Old walls of Jericho ).

Shawn Michaels is about to tap when the New Rockers John Morrison and The Miz break the Submission and fight Legacy into the Crowd, The Undertaker Chokeslams Samoa Joe and hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Jeff Jarrett heres the Pin.1...2...3.. The Undertaker Pins Samoa Joe.1..2...3. CM Punk kicks The Undertaker in the Face and then the Back and Then the Face.

Jeff D Gorman: The Undertaker is now eligible to win this match! Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe must spend two Minutes in the Penalty Area.

Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton struggle to get up, Shawn Michaels uses the Ropes and gets up before Randy Orton, Meanwhile CM Punk hits the GO 2 Sleep on the Undertaker but he drops to the Floor at the same time. Shawn Michaels manages to Hit Sweet Chin Music on Randy Orton and he goes for the Pin.1..2..3! Shawn Michaels quickly looks around and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship from the Ramp, Where CM Punk dropped it!

Jeff D Gorman: Shawn Michaels is now eligible to win this match! Randy Orton must now Spend Two Minutes in the Penalty Area.

Shawn Michaels starts to climb up the Ladder and trys to grab the Locks which swing side to side away from HBK Shawn Michaels, Shawn Michaels manages to grab the Lock and swings the Belt over now all he has to do is lock the Belt in Place! Shawn Michaels hangs the Belt and Crowd start to BOO Shawn Michaels as he lifts the Belt above his head!

Jeff D Gorman: Your Winners Still the WWE Champion CM Punk! and the New World Heavyweight Champion the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.

The Screen starts Flashing with the Words: 13 Time World Champion Then a Loud Bang Makes the Fans start going crazy..... The king the King of Kings Bow Down to the....Triple H Comes out to a Huge Pop!

Triple H Runs to the Ring and Pushes the Ladder that Shawn Michaels is on Causing him to go flying through a Announcing Table! He then grabs a Microphone and picks up the World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H: Shawn Michaels I accept your Offer! At Summerslam we will end this Feud once and for all! Oh and my Pick for the 3 Stages of hell Match........ A Hell in a Cell Match!

Triple H Grabs the Belt and does his Pose as the Fans in the A

THE Arena Go Crazy Chanting this is Awesome and then This will be Awesome Clap clap clap!

Jim Ross: What a Match and what a Announcement! I can't Wait to see what the New World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels is going to Pick! Next up we have a Intense Match right from Smackdown Xplosion!

Styles: It is now time for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match Triple Threat Kurt Angle v The Rock v AJ Styles

Kurt Angle comes out first to a lot of heat as he is walking for a purpose.

IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN....The Rock comes out and gets the hugest pop of any wrestler of the night as he stares down Angle as they wait for....

Styles comes out to a great pop as the fireworks go off as he holds both Championships in the air as he walks to the ring.

Angle and Rock go at it to start the match as they start to punch each other back and forth, Angle hits a German uppercut and then AJ spears Angle and starts to punch him repeatdly in the head until The Rock breaks it up and starts to hit AJ as the match conutines.

Rock has the advantage in the match as is working on AJ, Angle comes out of no where and hits a German suplex, he picks up AJ and hits three German's as he works on AJ on the ground trying to choke him out.

Rock stomps Angle head and the hold is let go and the Rock looks to Angle in the Sharpshooter but Angle counters with a Ankle Lock, Styles gets up and hits a Pele on Angle and knock him out.

AJ attemps a Pele but the Rock some how catches his body as he runs with him on his shoulder and hits a running power bomb and pins him, but only gets two count, Rock looks at Angle and stomps and taunts at Angle waiting for him to get up as he attemps to hit the Rock Bottom.

Rock looks like he is going to hit the Rock Bottom but Angle hits a double drop kick and hits Angle and Rock in the head as he jumps off the top rope, he pins Angle only a two count and the same for Rock. AJ looks like he is going to hit the Styles Clash on Angle but Rock hits a clothesline and he picks up AJ and hits the spinebuster and pops up but hen he does Angle hits the Angle Slam out of no where as all three men are down.

Kurt goes up to the top rope as AJ lays in the middle of the ring as he looks to hit the moonsault and connects but when he gets up he is met with a Rock Bottom, Rock pops up and goes for the People's Elbow as he takes the elbow pad off and connects goes for the pin 1, 2,..... AJ stops the count as he hits the Rock and looking to hit the Styles Clash but misses, Rock Bottom missed, Angle gets up and goes for the Angle Slam on Rock missed, Pele to Angle connects.

Rock gets AJ for the Rock Bottom misses, Pele connects to Rock as he waits for Angle to get up and hits the Styles Clash on Angle, pins Angle 1, 2,..........Rock breaks up the count as all three men are tired. All three get to their feet at the same time, everyone is hitting each other and out of no where Angle Slam is tried on Rock but Styles hits a flying forearm on Angle, Kurt bounces right off the ropes and Rock hits the Rock Bottom.

Rock turns around and attemps the Rock Bottom but gets the Styles Clash hit it on the Rock as he lands on Angle, Styles pins Angle 1, 2, Angle puts his his foot on the rope. AJ is mad as hell as he looks at the ref and says "TWO that was THREE", Rock comes out of no where and hits the Rock Bottom, pops up and goes for the People's Elbow. As he goes for the Elbow he clothesline Angle out of the ring and connects the Elbow........1, 2, 3.

Winner: Via Pinfall and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion The Rock.

After the match, Rock celebrates and holds the title like it is his first and watches Styles get up and shakes hands with Styles but you can here AJ say "I'm getting my rematch", Rock says "You bet", a hug is exchanged and Rock goes to the top rope and hold the title up in the air as he celebrates as they go backstage.....

Backstage with Adrian, Vince, Step

Adrian: Vince what a trade I made, what a night it's been and SmackDown is going to be great...The Rock is the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Championship, what a night.

Vince: What night indeed.

Step sits right next to Adrian and holds him and says...

Step: Daddy, I want to say something to Triple H this Friday on SmckDown? Is that fine.

Vince: Ask Adrian its up to him.

Step: Can I Adrian?

Adrian: Anything for you Step.

Door is knocked down as Triple H walks in and gets in Adrian's face as he gets right in his and Adrian says....

Adrian: You touch me and well then your going to be jobless....Turn around.

HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Triple H as Vince, Step and Adrian walk over him and Adrian hugs Shawn and says...

Adrian: Thank you Shawn

HBK: My Pleasure

As Adrian walks over Triple H he has Step in hand bends over and says to The Game....

Adrian: GAME OVER!

Tazz: Your main event is next for the ECW Championship.

ECW Epics Match Three: Elmination Chamber Match Mick Foley vs. Christian vs. Batista vs. RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. MVP

Christian comes to the ring first with a determined look on his face. The crowd is giving him an immense amount of heat. He’s got a steel chair in his hand as he gets into the first pod. MVP struts to the ring next, seemingly without a weapon. MVP gets into the chamber and takes his necklace off. He wraps it around his hand and makes a fist. It looks like the chain necklace is MVP’s weapon of choice for this match. He gets locked into the second pod. Dreamer comes to the ring with a bundle of kendo sticks slung over his shoulder. He gets into the second last pod. Batista is the last man to get locked into a pod. He has brought a fire extinguisher to the chamber to use as a weapon. Rob Van Dam is next to emerge from backstage. He looks ready for a fight. His weapon of choice is a six foot ladder! He sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and sits on the top rung waiting for the last participant to arrive in the ring.Last out is the ECW Epics champion, Mick Foley. His weapon of choice is the championship belt itself. He gets into the chamber and the door is locked behind him. Foley climbs through the ropes and stares down RVD. The referee signals for the bell and the match is now underway.

Foley approaches RVD, who’s still on top of the ladder, and raises the championship belt into the air. The crowd cheers for the champion. RVD smiles and jumps off the ladder. He hits Foley with a missile dropkick, which sends the belt flying and Foley ends up on the canvas.

RVD runs the ropes and goes for a rolling thunder. Foley rolls out of the way at the last second and RVD hits the mat with a big impact. Foley gets to his feet, props up RVD’s head and continuously hits him with jab after jab.

Foley picks RVD up from the mat and sets him up for a double arm DDT. Foley checks the mat to see where the belt is and lands the DDT on top of it. RVD is knocked unconscious from the blow and is sprawled out on the floor.

It’s time for another wrestler to get involved in the match. The spotlight alternates among the locked pods and finally settles on Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer is released from the pod and he unties his bundle of kendo sticks.

Foley turns around to confront Dreamer and is met with a cane to the forehead. Foley is dazed for a moment and Dreamer hits him several more time in the head until Foley starts bleeding. Foley drops to his knees and Dreamer strikes with the cane one more time for good measure. Foley collapses onto the mat, motionless.

Dreamer turns his attention onto RVD. He picks him up and hits snake eyes on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer picks RVD up again and puts him in a tree of woe. Dreamer walks over to the ladder, folds it up, and rams it into RVD’s upside down head.Dreamer then wedges the ladder in front of RVD’s head and walks to the opposite corner.


Dreamer runs at RVD and connects with a dropkick to the ladder, which sends it into RVD’s face. RVD’s legs untangle themselves and he falls onto the canvas in a heap.

The spotlight roams around the pods again and this time it’s MVP that is set free. Dreamer is waiting in the middle of the ring with his trusty kendo stick at the ready. MVP climbs through the ropes and Dreamer swings at him. MVP sidesteps the attack and counters with a huge punch with his chain wrapped hand, connecting with Dreamers jaw. Dreamer’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he instantly drops to the mat. MVP goes for the cover. 1... 2... Late kick out by Dreamer. MVP runs the ropes and pauses in front of Dreamer.

MVP/Crowd: Ballin’!

MVP hits Dreamer with the Ballin’ Elbow and follows up with multiple stomps. MVP grabs the ladder and lays it on the floor in the middle of the ring. He drags Dreamer over to it and picks him up. MVP sets up for the Playmaker, and he hits it! He goes for another pin. 1... 2... 3! Dreamer is eliminated.

RVD finally wakes up and he gets to his feet. MVP sees him and grabs the championship belt to defend himself. RVD approaches him and kicks MVP with a Van Daminator into the belt, which collides with MVP’s skull and knocks him out. RVD quickly goes to the top rope and hits a Five Star Frog Splash. He goes for the pin. 1... 2... 3! MVP is now eliminated.

The spotlight alternates between the last two pods once again, and this time “The Animal” Batista is freed from his pod. He immediately charges at the now standing Foley, with his fire extinguisher raised, and swings at him. Foley narrowly avoids getting hit by ducking and counters with a quick jab to Batista’s mid section. Batista drops the extinguisher after getting hit.

Foley follows up with a clubbing blow to the back of Batista’s head, but is then hit by a roundhouse kick from RVD. RVD jumps to the top rope and lands a moonsault on Foley. He goes for the cover. 1... 2... No! Foley gets his shoulder up in the nick of time. All the while, Christian is still in the relative safety of his pod, chuckling away. Batista stands up and starts banging on the glass of Christian’s pod. Batista mouths “I’m gonna kill you” to Christian. Christian stops laughing.

Foley and RVD stand up and Foley immediately grabs him with a mandible claw. RVD struggles for a few seconds, but eventually passes out. Batista walks up to Foley and whips him into the ring ropes. On the return, Batista picks him up and delivers a massive spinebuster. Batista walks over to the ropes and does his thumbs up, thumbs down taunt. The spotlight is moving once again and finally it’s Christian’s turn to get into the match. The referee is having some trouble unlocking the door.

RVD gets up once again and grabs the discarded fire extinguisher. He climbs up the turnbuckles and gets on top of Christian’s pod. Just as the referee unlocks the door of the pod, RVD sprays the foam from the extinguisher through the chain-linked roof of the pod.Christian stumbles out of the pod while trying to clear his vision. Batista is already waiting and charges right straight for him. Christian sees Batista a second too late and he gets hit with a huge spear into the pod and through the glass to the other side.

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Neither man is showing any signs of life after crashing through the glass.

RVD throws away the extinguisher and picks up Christian’s steel chair. He slams it into Foley’s head. Foley staggers backwards and then point to his chin, pleading for another chair shot. RVD raises the chair, about to swing it again, when Foley pulls out a kendo stick that he had behind his back and hits RVD in the stomach with it.

Foley quickly follows up with a DDT and another mandible claw, making RVD pass out. Foley goes for the pin. 1... 2... 3! RVD has been eliminated. We’re now down to just Batista, Christian, and Foley.

Foley goes over to Batista on the steel outside the ring and drags him to his feet. Foley whips him into the chain wall and Batista bounces off it, going to ground. Foley rolls Batista under the bottom rope and goes for a pin. 1... 2... 3! Batista has been eliminated. It’s now down to the two rivals, Foley and Christian.

Christian somehow gets to his feet and picks up the fire extinguisher. He blind-sides Foley with it, rendering him unconscious. Christian grabs the championship belt and places it under Foley’s head. Christian then gets the steel chair and hits a con-chair-to!

A big smile comes across Christian’s face and he rips the shirt off of Foley. He then throws Foley over the top rope, onto the hard steel. Christian reaches into the top of his tights and pulls out a set of handcuffs. Christian drags Foley over to the chain wall and handcuffs him to it.

Christian then gets a kendo stick and goes to town on Foley’s exposed back. He hits him over, and over, and over again. Welts start appearing on Foley’s bare skin. All of a sudden, Tiffany shows up at ringside with a barbed wire baseball bat and hands it to Christian through the chains. The fans are really showing how much they hate Tiffany!

Christian gladly takes the bat and takes a few practice swings at Foley’s back. While Christian is playing up to the crowd, Foley finds a way out of the handcuffs and hits Christian with a low blow while he’s still staring at Tiffany. Foley throws Christian and the bat into the ring and climbs into it himself. Foley picks up Christian and hits him with a double arm DDT, ON TOP OF THE BARBED WIRE BASEBALL BAT!!! Foley goes for the pin while the crowd is blowing the roof off the arena with their cheering. 1... 2... 3!!!

Winner and still ECW Epics Champion: MICK FOLEY!

Jim Ross: Thanks For Watching Fans We hope you Enjoyed WWE and TNA Present Victory Road!


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