Michael Bisping Took His Licking, But May Keep Ticking as a UFC 105 Headliner

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Michael Bisping Took His Licking, But May Keep Ticking as a UFC 105 Headliner
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It's no secret Dana White and the UFC were spoon-feeding Michael Bisping before his UFC 100 encounter and subsquent knockout loss to Dan Henderson. The obvious lack of talent of Bisping's past opponents was his undoing, apart from maybe the Rashad fight (avoid the takedown) and the Leben fight (aviod Leben), Bisping has never had to devise a gameplan that would play to his strengths and his opponents weaknesses, hence why he kept circling to Henderson's main weapon, his right hand.

A win for Bisping would've guaranteed a title shot against Anderson Silva at UFC 105 in Manchester, and it would finally be the event the UFC always hoped to put on in the UK but never had a British fighter close enough to a title shot.

Now there are many rumours floating around but one thing is certain Bisping is fighting at UFC 105, whether or not he has to fight Leben again remains to be seen!

The UFC underestimates the UK fan base, there are some die-hard UFC fans in the UK and the UFC needs to realise that Bisping doesn't have to headline and win for the sport to grow.

Being from the UK myself, ofcourse I love to see Bisping win in any fight and I would've loved to see him fight Anderson Silva but Bisping isn't my favourite fighter, far from it and I would prefer to see a good fight rather than a Bisping love fest from the UFC.

I recommend to the UFC that they should have Bisping fighting at UFC 105, as the main event, Bisping should fight someone else who is high profile. Bisping will only get fans if he beats high profile fighters, or has some spectacular knockouts or if he is all out wars. My recommendation for the UFC is to put Bisping in at UFC 105 against Wanderlei Silva.

Not only would Bisping be going against a well-known fighter with a huge fan base but he would also be going up against the most relentless fighter in MMA history, it would be a true test for Bisping and if somehow he was able to overcome Wandy his fan base and the UFC fan base in the UK would grow dramatically.

Some of you might ask if Bisping has been spoon-fed and now that he lost, should he fight tougher opponents? But the UFC now has three prominent UK fighters to market as well in Pearson, Hardy and Wilks, so now they don't need wins from Bisping for the sport to grow.

UFC 105

Michael Bisping vs. Wanderlei Silva

Dan Hardy vs. Matt Serra

James Wilks vs. Paul Taylor

Ross Pearson vs. Mac Danzig

John Hathaway vs. Paulo Thiago

Those are my ideas, constructive critisism rather than blind hatred please.

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