Tonie Carrol Knee To Head

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Tonie Carrol Knee To Head
(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

During the friday night double header at Suncorp Stadium, a truely horrific incident occured.

In the 66 Minute of the Brisbane Broncos vs South Sydney Rabbitohs, a line break was made by Simpson I believe. Whilst following the play the referee was caught in the way of Simpson and was knocked to the ground. In the aftermath a chaser from Brisbane, Tonie Carrol, accidentally knee-ed the referee in the head as he was trying to stand.

Whilst watching it at home, I immediately was shocked as it was a visually shocking and hard to watch event.

However in the aftermath of the incident, public opinion is split. Many believe the two players should be held accountable for there involvement, whilst others believe in was not the players faults and blame should not be put onto them.

In trying to form my opinion, I watched a replay and it was brought to my attention that Simpson who made the initial Collision with the ref dipped into the collision.

Also Tonie Carrol was in no way going to catch the breakaway, and had sufficient time to pull up/ avoid the referee. It seems he made the decision to try and put in a half hearted hurdle. And we all know the results of that.

Therefore I believe that both players had a large role in the incident, and the whole thing could have easily been avoided.

I believe both should be suspended with Carrol out for rest of season. Whilst Simpson for 2 or 3.

Leave comments and share your thoughts on the incident. I would like to hear your opinions.


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