Alonso Stay = Title In May ??

Chengetai Nani HlahlaCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2009

He goes, He stays, He's Going!! No, wait.. He's staying. Really I'm bored of all this. What are the headlines about Alonso going to be tomorrow? Well I don't care, because as far as I've heard, he's with the squad; and if all those rumours were true about the fact if he stays with the squad after the 19th, he stays for good. Then so be it, no-one ever really wanted him to go.

The fact that Alonso is staying means that we have a Premiership proven midfielder who has great chemistry with his team mates and fans; and if he carries on his current form with the rest of the team. I think all Liverpool fans shoul take a deep breath and hold it at the beginning of this season, and then Let it all out in May because I think this is the season. I know this sounds all to familiar with every season, Liverpool fans always saying "Next season is ours", but, this is different. Look at it, we handed the title to Man Utd, we didn't lose it to them. We now have a team with great chemistry together, we now have Glen Johnson, I think maybe a backup striker Like Ruud Van Nistelrooy or David Trezeguet (they know where the back of the net is and they are cheap) and if we are really lucky, a good winger.

Now if you add all that up especially the team Chemistry, Liverpool are not a title winning team, but a team that can and most probably will, win the title. Chemistry is important. Look at Man Utd, the chemistry they had together it was so vital and look what silverware it has go them. Now Rafa has a team that has strong chemistry. Gerrard can now practically play a through ball to Torres without looking, why? because he knows how Torres moves. Just like Alonso, Mascherano and Gerrard;they know each other so well now and that makes them by my view, The best Midfield in the world, (xavi, iniesta and co. might argue that though). Liverpool's midfield is a perfect balance of Aggression, determination, vision and Gerrard. Everyone now knows the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Rafa Benitez well oiled machine that he spoke about, is really starting to reveal itself, the team looked to have become, 1 body and many could see that towards the end of the season. This is all thanks to the Chemistry.

Now with Alonso now staying, that means Rafa won't have to show a new midfielder the ropes and how things work in the team and that will prove to be vital this season. Given that everyone stays fit, Glen Johnson settles well and Torres puts on His first, original white Total 90's from his first Liverpool season. Who is to say Liverpool won't do it.